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Resolve Canon Error Code 860

How to Resolve Canon Error Code 860?

Error Code 860 on Canon Printer mainly appears when there is paper jam within the machine. Whenever you face such printing difficulties, place a quick call at Canon Printer Support Number. You might feel pesky when such error appears, but you can Resolve Canon Error Code 860 with much ease.

Canon Error Code 860 pops into your system when a piece of debris gets struck within the printing path. There are many reasons behind this annoying error. It not only hampers your work, but also you receive bad print outs. Sometimes if you do not use the exact transparencies or foil, you may encounter this Error.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Error Code 860:

Whenever this Canon Error Code 860 appears on the display screen, there is nothing to freak out. You can easily get to the roots of the error with the help of our Canon Printer Repair Services. Else this blog contains all the needed information to make this error disappear.

Solution 1: Remove Paper Jam

  • Whenever such situation comes in, the first thing that you need to do is to turn off the machine and remove all the power plugs.
  • Next you need to open the paper output cover. And thus make sure that the jammed paper is not under the Fine Cartridge Holder.
  • Now hold and pull the paper slowly without tearing it.
  • Pull the paper out completely ensuring that there is no jam within the printing path.
  • When the Canon Error Code 860 disappears, close the paper output tray and thus reload papers.

Solution 2: Replace the Transparencies or the Foil

Improper usage of transparencies may result into this pesky error code. Whenever such situation appears, the first thing you need to do is to replace the transparencies that are not made for the machine. Perform a printing job using transparencies that are particularly for the printer you are using.

Solution 3: Check the PDLs

When you sent a print job using a PDL that might not be supported by the machine, you may encounter this error. So it is better to check your System Manager to check whether the PDLs support the machine or not. You also need to use appropriate printer drivers.

Solution 4: Change the Print Data Resolution

An unsupported set of functions may also boost such Canon Error Code 860. If the combined functions are not specified, you need to change the print data resolutions and other print settings. After working on that you can start printing again.

Obtain 24*7 Supports to Annihilate Canon Printer Related Errors:

In case, you are unable to deal with such error on your own, and constantly looking for professional help, we are here to help you out. Canon Printer Support Phone Number will proffer help for any troubling situation. No matter how serious or complex the error is, our solutions will work like magic for your printer. Hence dial the toll free number to free yourself from all troubleshooting stress.