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Steps to Reset the Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer

How to Reset the Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer

Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer falls in the category of exceptionally advanced printer which has an affordable A3+ printing feature for printing fast, high-quality documents at much faster rates.  As studied by a group of Canon printer Support professionals, its photo and graphic output offers a huge advantage to users of getting an affordable A3+ printing facility for high-speed, high quality output of all types of user’s pictures, documents as well as graphics. It has long-lasting photo printing facility. The Single Ink system will simply ensure an added economy. As unexpected issues are bound to happen in any printer, so our team of professionals are here to guide you on steps to reset the Canon Pixma Ix4000, Ix5000 printers

Steps to reset Canon PIXMA printer iX4000 or iX5000

Step1:  Turn off the printer

  • Firstly, simply turn off the printer as suggested by a team of Canon printer Pixma Technical Support professionals

Step2: Connecting phase

  • Connecting the power cable directly to the Canon PIXMA iX5000 / iX4000 is another essential step to be considered by users

Step3: Resume button

  • Tap and then hold the “Resume / Cancel” button for a while.

Step4: Power button

  • While holding the “Resume / Cancel” button, simply press the “Power” button. Make sure that you do not even release the button by mistake. Power off the LEDs in green light to just indicate that one of the selected button is functioning well.

Step5: Cancel buttons

  • While you are holding the power button, simply press the “Resume / Cancel” button for at-least 2 times and then release both of the Power and Resume / Cancel buttons carefully.

Step6:  Working with the “waste ink counter”

  • When the Power LED lights in the green symbol appears, then simply press the “Resume / Cancel” button for at-least four times to easily reset the waste ink counter of the Canon Pixma printer iX5000 / iX4000.
  • Press the “power” button carefully.
  • At last, you are completely done with the process

Give us a call at our Toll-Free +1-855-790-7845 Canon printer Pixma customer Support department if you are unable to fix this issue and we are right there at your doorstep! Hope this blog will help you out in solving the issues from you end.