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How to Install a Printer without CD through Simple Steps?

The printer is a daily requirement for every workaholic. It allows you to print and scan your own hard copy of documents with ease. However, due to urgent workload and pressure, people don’t find time to install a printer with a CD. Sometimes, there may be a case of a damaged CD or a broken CD delivered with the printer. In that case, you might need to install the printer without a CD. Don’t worry. This article will help you with your query regarding how to install the printer without cd.

You may find the difficulties to Install a Canon Printer Without CD or even face computer related issue. Well, installing a new Canon printer on your windows is not a difficult task.  You can do it very easily. Therefore, Canon printers are quite excellent and impressive in the range of the printing device and the performance is very outstanding. It is designed with its great features, which could be very helpful to your personal and professional work.

Well, install a Canon Printer without CD for Windows is not a very challenging task for you, so if you have just purchased a Canon Printer and want to install it without facing issues. Then don’t worry about it, you can go through our blog, which will be very helpful for you to Install a Canon Printer without CD issue.

Problems User Face regarding how to install the printer without cd

Often printers come with a broken CD or are damaged as they come out from the factory. It is quite a mess to install a printer without a CD. The CD that is delivered often contains important drivers for installation. Without the standard drivers, the system may not recognize the device. The hardware requires the specific driver installation in order to perform optimally.

Often users don’t find time or motivation to read the long pages of manual provided to find their solutions to “how to install the printer without cd?. And precisely it requires patience and knowledge about the subject to choose the exact recommended driver.

Installation of your Printer without a CD In Few Simple Steps

Here are a series of steps that you can follow to install a printer without cd:

  • You may find a short USB cable provided with your printer if not buy one.
  • This USB cable allows you to connect to the printer with your system directly. Plug in the USB to your system and you may find the other end a non-USB connect with the printer.
  • Next wait for a moment and long press the power button of your printer.
  • This action will prompt an installation of the printer. Follow the on-screen process to continue with the printer installation.
  • In some cases, you may find the printer failing to start after the installation process. Move to Start Menu search bar and type in “Printer and scanner”. Doing so will force a search of printer and scanner on your system.
  • It will open up a new window, select “Add printer and scanner” from that window.
  • Look for your printer’s name and select it. You can also try typing your printer’s name.

Sometimes, this method may not work for a varying system with a different configuration. In that case, follow the stepwise procedures below:

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Alternative methods:

  • Go through your printers Manual. Look for the specific name and series mentioned on your printer Manual.
  • Type-in the name of your Printer and look for the drivers on the web. For example, if you bought an Epson printer, type in its name and from its homepage download its driver.
  • Look for the downloaded driver, Unzip the file to find the setup. Double click it or run it as an administrator.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and finish installing the driver.
  • Take a reboot of your system . Unplug your printer from your device or system. Once your reboot is done, plug in the USB of your printer and you will find it to be detected.

Dial +1-855-790-7845 Canon Customer Service Number for 24*7 Customer Supports:

Canon Printer Support

In case, you are not able to install your printer don’t worry! This might happen from technical errors and glitches as well. In that case, contact our Printer Customer Support Number and get helped by our professionals in installing your printer.

For more related queries associated canon Printer, please do give us a call at Canon Printer Support team for instant support & solution. Our experienced technical professionals’ are available all the time, day and night to help you resolve your Canon technical issues or errors.