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How To Fix Canon Printers Error U051 ?

If it is about the error U051 then there are two different scenarios related to this error message. The first one is that the print head is not installed and thus it is displaying the error message ‘U052’. This type of print head is installed inaccurately which calls for such error message. Well, the second possible cause is the print head is installed but not functioning properly.  This clearly signifies about a “Wrong Print Head Installed” issue. Follow below steps to Fix U051 Error in Canon Printer.

Steps to Fix U051, U052 ,U053, U059 Error in Canon Printers

Step 1: Reset the Print Head
  • Make sure that the printer is turned on. Open the “Paper Output Tray” carefully.
  • Lift up the Scanning Unit which is a type of cover and hold it to easily open with the Scanning Unit Support. You will see that the print head will automatically move to its appropriate replacement position.
Step 2: Remove all of the ink tanks properly
  • Push the tab (B) and then, carefully lift the ink tank to remove it completely
  • Be careful not to touch the Print Head Lock Lever (C) while you are removing ink tanks.
  • Once you have removed all ink tanks of the printer, raise the print head lock lever carefully.
  • Tilt the print head slight towards the front of the printer device and then, lift it out gently.
  • Before moving next step, check for the carriage area with the purpose of removing any packing material, torn paper, etc. and remove them if found any
    Tilt the Print Head and place it appropriately. Lower the Print Head Lock Lever (E) slightly
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Step 3: Insert all ink tanks into the print head
  • Insert the front end of the printer’s ink tank directly in the Print Head in a slant position.
  • Make sure that while placing it in its appropriate position, the ink tank has properly been matched to the label.
  • Press the mark button which is the “Push” button located on the ink tank till the ink tank snaps into its original place.
  • Make sure that the ink lamp lights up in red color.
  • Lift up the “Scanning Unit (Cover)” now to slightly set the Scanning Unit Support back to its original place and gently close the “Scanning Unit (Cover)” now.

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