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How to Fix E740 Ether Board Error?

Canon Printer E470 is designed to provide you an affordable wireless printing experience. But sometimes you may come across the Canon E740 Ether board error which generally occurs due to a LAN card fault, the MAC address is illegal, the fault in main controller PCB, Network Controller error, and many other reasons. Then do not worry about anything, you can efficiently Fix Canon Printer E740 Ether Board Error by just following some easy steps & procedure.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer E740 Ether Board Error :-

Step 1: – Replace the LAN Card

Firstly, you should check the connection of the LAN Connector. In case you find any problem with the LAN card at power-on (with the card inserted), then try to replace the LAN card.

Step 2: – Check Connector

Ensure that the connection between the LAN card and the main controller PCB normal. If you found any issue, then correct the connection. Make sure that the LAN card register cannot be read.

Step 3: – Check the Main Controller PCB

You should try to check the connection of the Main Controller PCB 1. Might be, it occurs due to the cause of contact that has a poor connection. Then, also check the wiring properly to the DC controller PCB DC, the composite power supply, the transfer charging roller and other connections.

Step 4: – Change Main Controller PCB1

If the above step is not working, then you should do one thing that is to try to replace the Main Controller PCB 1.

If not all the above-motioned methods are working to get rid of Canon E740 Ether Board Error, then you should connect with the support team to get guidance in a fast way.

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