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How To Fix Check Ink 1487 Error Code in Canon Printer

The “Check Ink 1487” is an error message which usually appears while users are working with the Canon printers and it detects one or more of the cartridges installed inside the printer is in  incorrect position. But this issue is easy to recognize by users and this is the reason why the error is easily solved with basic troubleshooting. Despite how similar the slots inside the printer, the device will require one black and one color to be installed easily. We have jotted down few steps to Fix Check Ink 1487 Error Code in Canon Printer by explaining each step in details.

Steps to Fix Check Ink 1487 Error Code

To get rid of these Canon printer messages, it is advised for users to follow all below given instructions thoroughly:

Step 1: Remove the cartridges from the printer

  • With a good luck, users can easily see that the printer software is able to identifying a particular type of cartridge as the cause of this error. So now carefully remove both the cartridges for the purpose of troubleshooting.

Step 2: Check for cartridge codes

  • Perform a proper check whether the cartridge codes on the labels of the cartridges is installed carefully or not?
  • If there is problem finding as to which cartridges are properly compatible with the Canon printer then, it is advised for users to search for the accurate model number of the printer on the internet.
  • Now the print heads on the other side of the cartridges are of great use to identify which cartridge is black and which one is colored. The colored print-head will consists of three in separate lines located in the central metallic plate and the black one will have a longer line.

Step 3: Examine the two installed cartridges

  • The Canon printer will now carefully examine the two installed cartridges by taking into consideration that everything seems to be in accurate place.

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