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Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 4102

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1688?

The Canon Printer Error Code 1688 dictates the state of the Printer when the ink in the cartridge is low or run out. Though to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1688  is not a knotty one but it bothers you in the middle of your work. The error code generally occurs in Canon Inkjet printer PG-540, PG-540XL, CL-541, CL-541XL Ink cartridges with an error message “The Ink Has Run Out”.

Due to this Error, Canon Printers will stop printing because as per the system, the cartridge is empty or insufficient ink to print. In that situation, the printer refuses to print without an intervention from the users.

Follow the Below Mentioned Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 1688:

The issue is not as big as it seems and can be resolved easily following some simple steps. In this blog post, with the help of our technical experts, we have described the troubleshooting steps to get rid of the error effortlessly.

Solution 1: Resetting of Ink Level Manually

Step 1: Click on START button and open CONTROL PANEL.

Step 2: Select Printers and Faxes on the computer system

Step 3: Open up the Maintenance Program; select Canon Printer Preferences in Dialog box.

Step 4: Check the INK Leven warning indicator in the maintenance section.

Step 5: Disable the Ink level warning indicator by selecting the Radio Box next to the option.  By doing so, you will disable the warning message, resisting it from appearing on the screen again.

Step 6: Click on “APPLY” to save the changes and close the dialog box.

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Solution 2: Holding Stop/Reset/Resume button for five seconds

A series of Canon printers allows users to continue printing on a single button press. User can hold down Stop/Reset/Resume for five seconds and then release it. By doing so, you can continue printing regardless of the low or empty cartridge estimate.

Getting around the Canon Printer Error Code 1688 is effortlessly easy. Those simple and easy steps will allow the printer to perform printing even in low ink in the cartridge.

Hurry!! Dial up Canon Printer Support Number for Prompt Help:

In case you are in urgency, you can contact our expert technicians at Canon Printer Support Number to avail the solution immediately. Their 24*7 assistance will help you get rid of any Canon Printer related anytime round the clock. Our talented and experienced technical team will not only help you in resolving the issue but also provide you necessary recommendation that will help you in future to keep your printer error free.


How To Fix 1401 Error in Canon inkjet printer?

This error occurs while the Canon Pixma printer suffers trouble to recognize one or more of the cartridges installed in it. These errors will come up with the following message as “The FINE cartridge is not installed” for 1401, “The FINE cartridge is not installed properly” for 1687 and “Appropriate ink cartridge is not installed” for the 1485 message. Well, several form of Canon FINE cartridges does not always mean that users are working with genuine Canon cartridge installed in the device. Users can further use the printer with an accurate refilled as well as re-manufactured ink cartridges. Our team of experts have found a solution to Fix 1401 Error in Canon inkjet printer with all appropriate steps.

Steps to Fix 1401 Error in Canon inkjet printers

Step1: Ensure a proper installation of black and color cartridges

  • Turn on the printer and then, remove both the cartridges to make sure that the one of each cartridge is accurately installed.
  • The printer will need to have both the black and the colored cartridges to be accurately installed to properly print all documents.

Step2: Check for a correct printer cartridges codes:

  • Here, it is advised for users to install cartridge accurately but make sure that it is properly carrying codes machine for the color cartridge. The accuracy of codes depends entirely on the specific printer model.

Step3: Clean up the contacts:

  • The printer contacts are essential for a proper communication with the printer cartridge which is build up with a set of metallic contacts located on the strip to the front of the cartridge. So it is always essential for users to clean all its damaged parts.

Step4: Replace all defective ink cartridge:

  • If the printer is not recognizable then, surely it is defective and needs to be replaced. Replacing all defective ink cartridges will solve this issue.

Step5: Cleaning up all the contacts inside the printer

  • If still the error continue to persists then, it is recommended to clean up all the contacts inside the printer in the same way like you cleaned up the cartridge contacts.

This solution will definitely solve the problem

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