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Fix Canon Pixma Printer 1682 Error Code

How To Fix Canon Pixma Printer 1682 Error Code?

The Canon Pixma Printer error 1682’ usually appears while your printer faces trouble in recognizing one or more than one cartridges. Usually these codes will be accompanied by a following message as “The FINE cartridge cannot be recognized” or “The ink cartridge cannot be recognized.” The printer which we all use comes with a series of gold contacts located in the front of the cartridge to easily communicate with the cartridge and receive information such as estimated ink levels and cartridges. If these contacts have been affected by dirt, ink, or even are damaged due to some reason while handling, users are bound to face these kinds of errors. So, it is essential to recognize both of the installed cartridges electronically you hop on to install cartridges. Our professionals have given steps to fix Canon Pixma printer 1682 error codes with appropriate solutions.

Steps to troubleshoot Canon Pixma Printer 1682 error code

Step 1: Remove the problem cartridge(s)

  • The very first step which users need to perform is to specify whether the black or color cartridge is the ultimate cause of the error which is causing the “Check Ink error 1682” message.
  • If not then, carefully remove both of the cartridges from the printer first.

Step 2: Wipe down the cartridge contacts carefully but make sure that it is not damaged

  • Right in the front of the printer cartridge, you will come across a small strip which is filled with a series of gold contacts in the absolute front side of the device. You just need to wipe out these contacts with a piece of tissue paper carefully.
  • If you are spotting something particularly stubborn over the contacts then, clean those with the use of an alcohol which is meant for cleaning solution or something similar to it

Step 3: Reinstall the cartridge(s)

  • At last, clean out all the cartridges contacts as clean as possible and reinstall the all required cartridges into the correct position
  • Close all the open covers now 

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