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How to Scan a Document on a Canon Printer

Multi-function printers do copies as well as scan all types of documents for users. According to the Canon printer technical support +1-855-790-7845 experts, Canon produces wide range of printing functions that enable you to scan documents to the computer or into another location. One must try to install the printer, and later on save the scanning format and location of users’ choice.

Steps to scan documents on Canon printer

Checking for the Canon Printer

• Connect the printer to the computer.

• Install the software on the computer afterwards

• Test for the printer.

Prepare to Scan

• Turn the printer as well as the computer on.

• Next, just lift up the lid of the printer.

• Placing all the items that a user wished to scan with the front side down on the glass is necessary.

Scan on a Canon Printer

Look for all the applications.

• Click on the tab which says, “scan” or select the scanner from the list of printer options.

• Choose the type of document which needs to be scanned and set the resolution as well as format you would like to save it in.

• Use the browser to choose the scanning will be saved. Click the Scan or Preview button which is located right at the bottom of the Canon Scan dialogue box.

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