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Resolve Canon printers Error Code E004

Canon has been delivering world-class performance in printing through their range of all-in-one printers. The printers have the versatility as well as print precision which makes them one of the most preferred printers available in the market. Although, with time, electronic devices tend to fail. Canon printers can come up with some common errors which can give you hassle while using your printer. The infamous Resolve Canon printers Error Code E004 is one of the most annoying problems our customers have reported to us.

Resolve Canon printers Error Code E004

Follow the steps to reset your Canon printer:

  1.     You have to turn your printer off, unplug the power cords and other cords
  2.     Now hold the Stop/Reset button and simultaneously switch on your printer
  3.     When the printer turns on, release the Stop/Reset button while holding down power
  4.     Now you have to press Stop/Reset two times while holding in the power button
  5.     Release all the buttons; printer will show zero on the LCD
  6.     After the printer turns off automatically, turn it on again, and the reset is complete

This problem states the electrical faults that are occurring with the printers vital components. If not fixed, the error can lead to more serious damage to the printer. It’s always a good idea to take a professional to help when it comes to resolving complicated printer issues. Call us at the 24*7 Canon toll-free number and avail all the help you need to fix your printer. We have the adequate tools and diagnosis application that can detect all the errors accurately. Our services involve only the fastest methods to resolve the error, so you don’t have to waste a single minute of your valuable time. The tech professionals we employ, have years of experience in working with Canon printers. We aim to make your printing experience better.