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How to Resolve Canon Error Code 6?

Error Code 6 signifies a typical printing error related to ink of Canon printer. It is not pretty hard to Resolve Canon Error Code 6. Just by placing a call at Canon Printer Support Number, you can make this peculiar error disappear.

Canon has the sensor which warns users when the ink is low or about to run out. Sometimes when the ink becomes dry, you may confront this error. This error will keep on crawling even after you replace or refill the ink cartridges. This probably appears due to the settings that are set to empty. So even after you refill the ink, this error will not leave you.

Efficacious Solution to Troubleshoot Canon Error Code 6:

Whenever this error appears, most users replace or refill the ink. But when they find it of no use, they start to freak out. But it is completely normal to have this error ever after refilling. You simply need to change the settings to make this error Canon Printer Ink Dry Error 6 disappears. If you are facing the similar situation, read the blog out or connect with Canon Printer Repair Services for help.

  • Navigate to Control Panel after clicking on the Start button.
  • Open the Printers and Faxes option on the computer tray and thus choose the printer in the dialog box.
  • Under the maintenance section, check the ink level warning indicator.
  • Now disable the ink level warning indicator which will disengage the warning message.
  • Now finally click on Apply and thus shut the dialog box.

If the solution does not turn out to be effective, you can replace the ink cartridges completely with new one. Now close the cover of the printer and thus resume printing.

Dial up the Toll-Free Number to Avail Personalized Help at Desk:

In case you are unable to get to the roots of the error on your own, we are here to do it for you. With complete relentless services, Canon Printer Support Phone Number proffers reasonable support. Be it night or day, you can have our experienced engineers just a call away. Hence dial the toll-free number and avail best services at your desk.


How To Fix Common Types Of Canon Printer Error Codes?

Canon printers are widely used and are the most well-known printing devices among users across the globe. Like every other printer, Canon printers too come under the category of serious technical issues unexpectedly. So, here we will have a look on common types of Canon printer error codes with their appropriate solutions. Let’s have a look now.

Canon Printer Error Codes

 Common Canon printer error codes with solutions

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Below is a blog with a list of common types of Canon printer error codes which has been penned down by professional experts

  • Canon Printer Error Codes B200

    This error code is displayed due to ink cartridge error which appears while the chip on the ink cartridge isn’t capable of reading the information correctly and/or the chip is faulty.


To fix it, make sure that the contacts on the cartridge are well cleaned.

·    Canon Printer Error Codes  306

Among various common types of Canon Printer error codes, another one is error 306 which is displayed while you are trying to attempt a printing process from the Canon Printer via Mac


  1. Click on “Apple icon” which can be found located at the top left side of the screen.
  2. Hit on “System Preferences’.
  3. Tap on” Print & Fax” icon.
  4. If you find that the padlock in the bottom left is completely locked then, click to enter your password and hit “OK” button.
  5. Next, users are advised to remove the printer and then , tap on the “+ ‘ sign to add it again while leaving this options on default mode


  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 5100
  • This is an error which occurs due to defective issues in the carriage encoder signal. To resolve this error, perform all the following instructions given below:


  1. Check for any kind of obstructions leading to the carriage’s movement.
  2. Reseat the ink in next step.
  3. Next, you are requested to reset the ink absorber carefully.


  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 5200
    It is due to print head overheating issue.


  1. To resolve the issue, turn off the printer to allow it to cool down first and turn it on again.
  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 5700

This is an issue with sheet feeder section

To fix it, it is advised for users to replace the sheet feeder. Replacement is necessary because  gears in the printer or even in the sensor have become faulty and needs to fixed immediately.

  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 6A00
    The 6A00 error occurs due to complete jam of cartridge


  1. Switch off the printer first
  2. Hold down all the below given buttons for at-least 10 seconds:
  • Black Photocopy button
  • Red cancel button
  • OK button
  • On/Off Button
  1. Then carefully release the On/Off button of the printer.
  2. After turning on the printer, release all other buttons carefully.
  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 6C10
    it’s an issue with the “Resetting of the waste ink absorber’ of a Canon printer.


  • Make sure that you8 have turned off the printer first
  • Press and then, hold the ‘Resume button “ of the printer
  • While holding this button, just hold down the” Power button”. Here you will see that the green led light  will appear
  •  Release the ‘Resume button’ and then hit it twice. You will see that the light will blink.
  • Release the Power button next carefully.
  • Press down the ‘Resume button for at-least four times and then hit on ‘Power button’ to confirm that the selected action is well functioning.
  • Turn off the printer and then turn it on again to complete the process

Canon printer support

If still, all these above solutions do not work well then, do give us a call at Canon Printer Technical Support section and get instant solutions. We bring you the best-in-class answers for your queries at your doorstep whenever needed.


How to Install a Printer without CD through Simple Steps?

The printer is a daily requirement for every workaholic. It allows you to print and scan your own hard copy of documents with ease. However, due to urgent workload and pressure, people don’t find time to install a printer with a CD. Sometimes, there may be a case of a damaged CD or a broken CD delivered with the printer. In that case, you might need to install the printer without a CD. Don’t worry. This article will help you with your query regarding how to install the printer without cd.

You may find the difficulties to Install a Canon Printer Without CD or even face computer related issue. Well, installing a new Canon printer on your windows is not a difficult task.  You can do it very easily. Therefore, Canon printers are quite excellent and impressive in the range of the printing device and the performance is very outstanding. It is designed with its great features, which could be very helpful to your personal and professional work.

Well, install a Canon Printer without CD for Windows is not a very challenging task for you, so if you have just purchased a Canon Printer and want to install it without facing issues. Then don’t worry about it, you can go through our blog, which will be very helpful for you to Install a Canon Printer without CD issue.

Problems User Face regarding how to install the printer without cd

Often printers come with a broken CD or are damaged as they come out from the factory. It is quite a mess to install a printer without a CD. The CD that is delivered often contains important drivers for installation. Without the standard drivers, the system may not recognize the device. The hardware requires the specific driver installation in order to perform optimally.

Often users don’t find time or motivation to read the long pages of manual provided to find their solutions to “how to install the printer without cd?. And precisely it requires patience and knowledge about the subject to choose the exact recommended driver.

Installation of your Printer without a CD In Few Simple Steps

Here are a series of steps that you can follow to install a printer without cd:

  • You may find a short USB cable provided with your printer if not buy one.
  • This USB cable allows you to connect to the printer with your system directly. Plug in the USB to your system and you may find the other end a non-USB connect with the printer.
  • Next wait for a moment and long press the power button of your printer.
  • This action will prompt an installation of the printer. Follow the on-screen process to continue with the printer installation.
  • In some cases, you may find the printer failing to start after the installation process. Move to Start Menu search bar and type in “Printer and scanner”. Doing so will force a search of printer and scanner on your system.
  • It will open up a new window, select “Add printer and scanner” from that window.
  • Look for your printer’s name and select it. You can also try typing your printer’s name.

Sometimes, this method may not work for a varying system with a different configuration. In that case, follow the stepwise procedures below:

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Alternative methods:

  • Go through your printers Manual. Look for the specific name and series mentioned on your printer Manual.
  • Type-in the name of your Printer and look for the drivers on the web. For example, if you bought an Epson printer, type in its name and from its homepage download its driver.
  • Look for the downloaded driver, Unzip the file to find the setup. Double click it or run it as an administrator.
  • Follow the onscreen instruction and finish installing the driver.
  • Take a reboot of your system . Unplug your printer from your device or system. Once your reboot is done, plug in the USB of your printer and you will find it to be detected.

Dial +1-855-790-7845 Canon Customer Service Number for 24*7 Customer Supports:

Canon Printer Support

In case, you are not able to install your printer don’t worry! This might happen from technical errors and glitches as well. In that case, contact our Printer Customer Support Number and get helped by our professionals in installing your printer.

For more related queries associated canon Printer, please do give us a call at Canon Printer Support team for instant support & solution. Our experienced technical professionals’ are available all the time, day and night to help you resolve your Canon technical issues or errors.

Steps to Reset the Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer

How to Reset the Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer

Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer falls in the category of exceptionally advanced printer which has an affordable A3+ printing feature for printing fast, high-quality documents at much faster rates.  As studied by a group of Canon printer Support professionals, its photo and graphic output offers a huge advantage to users of getting an affordable A3+ printing facility for high-speed, high quality output of all types of user’s pictures, documents as well as graphics. It has long-lasting photo printing facility. The Single Ink system will simply ensure an added economy. As unexpected issues are bound to happen in any printer, so our team of professionals are here to guide you on steps to reset the Canon Pixma Ix4000, Ix5000 printers

Steps to reset Canon PIXMA printer iX4000 or iX5000

Step1:  Turn off the printer

  • Firstly, simply turn off the printer as suggested by a team of Canon printer Pixma Technical Support professionals

Step2: Connecting phase

  • Connecting the power cable directly to the Canon PIXMA iX5000 / iX4000 is another essential step to be considered by users

Step3: Resume button

  • Tap and then hold the “Resume / Cancel” button for a while.

Step4: Power button

  • While holding the “Resume / Cancel” button, simply press the “Power” button. Make sure that you do not even release the button by mistake. Power off the LEDs in green light to just indicate that one of the selected button is functioning well.

Step5: Cancel buttons

  • While you are holding the power button, simply press the “Resume / Cancel” button for at-least 2 times and then release both of the Power and Resume / Cancel buttons carefully.

Step6:  Working with the “waste ink counter”

  • When the Power LED lights in the green symbol appears, then simply press the “Resume / Cancel” button for at-least four times to easily reset the waste ink counter of the Canon Pixma printer iX5000 / iX4000.
  • Press the “power” button carefully.
  • At last, you are completely done with the process

Give us a call at our Toll-Free +1-855-790-7845 Canon printer Pixma customer Support department if you are unable to fix this issue and we are right there at your doorstep! Hope this blog will help you out in solving the issues from you end.

How To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

How To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

Canon printer is one of the most renowned printing devices available in the market to be used by thousands of users worldwide. But technical issues may definitely arise and one such issues is Canon printer 1007 error. Well, the error is caused due to zero availability of the paper in the cassette 1 as defined by a team of Canon Printer Support experts. The second reason is due to improper paper loading issues in the cassette 1. But, it is fortunate for all of us that our Canon experts have found a proper kind of solution on how to resolve the Canon printer error 1007.

Steps to resolve the Canon printer 1007 error

Step1: Detect Paper Setting Mismatch

  • Users are advised by Canon Printer Technical Support to disable the “Detect Paper Setting Mismatch” setting option on the printer to prevent getting this error message from displaying repeatedly.

Step2: Working with the “Home” screen

  • Flick the HOME screen first and then tap on the “SETUP” option

 Step3:  Device settings

  • To remove the Canon printer error 1007, users need to tap on the “DEVICE SETTINGS” option.

 Step4: CASSETTE settings

  • Next, simply click on the “CASSETTE” settings options to remove the error

Step5: Detection mode

  • Tap on the “DETECT PAPER SETTING MISMATCH” option to easily remove the error.
  • Next, just tap on the “NO” option.

 Step6: “HOME” option

  • Press and hold the “HOME” key for a while to complete the error removal process.

steps To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

I hope this blog will help you in removing the above mentioned Canon printer 1007 error faster. Well, if this is not worth in solving your Canon error issue then we encourage users to get in touch with our Canon Printer Customer Support department right now and fix the problem as soon as possible.  We are available 24*7 hours 365 days in a year to assist you in every difficult situation as and when needed.

Steps to reset Canon printer IX6560

Steps To Reset Canon IX6560 Printer | +1-855-790-7845 Toll-Free

Canon printer ix6560 once in its lifetime will experience an error known as 5b00 which clearly indicates that the printer needs to be reset immediately. It further indicates that the printer must be switched off before beginning with the process of Key pressing sequence. The resetting process of Canon printer IX6560 can easily be preceded by using the Service Tool. Well, there are various steps described Canon printer Support professionals to reset in shortest time possible. This blog will further make you aware of the steps to reset the Canon IX6560 printer.

Steps To Reset Canon IX6560 Printer

Steps to reset Canon printer IX6560 which causes an error code 5b00

Step1: Turn off printer

  • Users are advised by an expert team of Canon printer ix6560 technical support professionals to turn the printer off initially.

Step2: Stop/Reset button

  • Press and then hold the “stop/reset” button which is followed by simply pressing the “POWER” button. This is essential so that the two buttons are in a depressed position.

Step3:Power button

  • Release the “stop/reset” button but be careful that you have not done anything with the “power off” button.
  • If in case, you see that the “power” button is still in depressed state then you are required to press the “STOP/RESET” button for approximately about 6 times.

      Step4: “Release” function

  • Next, users are required to release both the buttons simultaneously so that the error code 5b00 of Canon printer ix6560 5b00 is in a condition of Service Mode.
  • The user’s PC will then detect the new hardware.

     Step5: Extraction stage

  • The next step will be of “Extraction” stage and then you are required to run the Resetter  button of ix6560.

              Step6: Clear the ink absorber counter

  • In the “Clear ink absorber counter” menu, simply select the “Play” button and then click on the “SET on the right” section.
  • Ink absorber counter in the menu section will ask you to select the “Play” button and then tap on the “SET on the right” button.

Step7: EEOPROM option

  • Users are suggested to change the menu option in the ink absorber Counter section and then click on the set up ix6560 error 5b00 reset to perform the function successfully.
  • Tap on the “EEOPROM” option to allow the printer print 1 page.
  • ix6560 error 5b00 error will then return to normal state.
  • At last, you are completely done

canon printer technical support

Well, as of now, issues related to Canon printer ix6560 error code 5b00 have completely been resolved. But still, if you find any difficulty regarding Canon printer ix6560, then we encourage users to get in touch with our
Canon printer customer Support  +1-855-790-7845 expert team at out department.

Canon Printer Support Number

How to Setup Canon PIXMA MG2950 Wireless Connection?

Well, users may come across with some access points that are sometimes referred to as routers or hubs with an automatic connection button labeled by “WPS” process which stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. As per as study is concerned by Canon Pixma Printer Technical Support professionals, this allows any permitted device such as PIXMA MG2950 to easily connect to the network without even any need to enter a password.  It further allows for a quick and easy method of connecting the devices.

Steps to setup Canon Pixma MG2950 wireless connection

Step1: All about conditions

  • The access point should definitely have a physical WPS push button. Do conduct a thorough check of the device’s user guide for details. If the WPS push button is not available at all, we encourage users to follow all the instructions on the Standard Connection Method tab.
  • The network must be using the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol for easy usage purpose. Most of the WPS has enabled access points to use this protocol
  • Make sure that the printer is turned on completely.
  • Press and then hold the [Wi-Fi]button on the top of the printer till you see the orange alarm lamp flashes and then release it.
  • You need to see that the Wi-Fi button starts to flash in a blue light and then tap on the access point. Press the [WPS] button in just 2 minutes.
  • The blue Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will continue flash while searching for, or connecting to the access point. During the setup, the green power lamp will also start to flash. When the printer has successfully made a connection to your wireless network, the blue and green lamps will stop flashing and remain lit.

Step2: Confirmation phase

  • This phase is essential for users to make sure that the printer is successfully connected to the wireless network to print out the network settings of the  printer if they  wish to:
  • Your printer should be turned on first.
  • Load an A4 size sheet of Letter-sized plain paper.
  • Press and tap on the “Cancel” button till you see the orange alarm lamp flashes for 15 times and then release it.
  • Next, the network information page will be printed com.
  • While referring to printout process, check for the “Connection” which indicates “Active” mode and the SSID -Service Set Identifier will indicate the correct name of the wireless network.

Step3: WPS setup method

Proceed with the proper installation of the software to make the most out of the Canon PIXMA MG2950 printer.

Come and explore our Canon Printer Customer Support services at our support section for immediate help related to Canon printer. We are all time available support department for our users. Call us anytime anywhere and we are just there at your doorstep.


3 Simple Steps to Fix a Print Spooler of Canon Printer

The print spooler assists your MS Windows PC to interact with your Canon Printer Tech Support, and arranges the printing jobs in a sequence. If you view any mistake message relating to the print spooler, this application have been corrupted or failed to interact properly with the software. You might require to attempts more than one procedure to resolve the print spooler.

Below are the three methods which are provided by the Canon Printer Help +1-855-790-7845 to fix the print spooler issue in the Canon printers.

Method 1: Scan System Files

  • Reboot your PC and launch “Safe Mode”.
  • Input the command “sfc/scannow” and push “Enter” button.
  • Then wait for this command to finish the scan process.
  • Search that file which is corrupted.
  • In command prompt, input “findstr /c:”[SR]” %windir%\Logs\CBS\CBS.log >”%userprofile%\Desktop\sfcdetails.txt” and push “Enter” button.
  • Search for Sfcdetails.txt on your desktop and launch it.
  • Search the report with current date. Also search the name of the file which is missing or corrupted.
  • Search a new copy. Discover this file on another PC with the similar MS Windows version, and transfer it to your computer.

Method 2: Restore Default Printer

  • Distinct the print queue.
  • Upgrade the printer drivers.
  • Unplug or disconnect your printer.
  • Look for “Devices and Printers” in the search bar, and click to launch it.
  • Right click on the printer icon. Then click on “Delete” in drop down menu.
  • Also remove the printer driver.
  • Install your printer again.

Method 3: Modifying Print Spooler Properties

 Push Windows key + R to start the Run dialogue box. Input “services.msc” and push “Enter” button. Then double click at Print Spooler.

  • erminate and initiate the print spooler.
  • Configure the print spooler so that it can be automatically starts.
  • Also modify the recovery alternatives.
  • Restart the printer.
  • Then inspect the dependencies.

Follow all these mention above steps to fix a Print Spooler problem by our Canon Printer Customer Support expert. If you are unable to fix it, just dial our toll-free number +1-855-790-7845 for online solution.


How to Scan a Document on a Canon Printer

Multi-function printers do copies as well as scan all types of documents for users. According to the Canon printer technical support +1-855-790-7845 experts, Canon produces wide range of printing functions that enable you to scan documents to the computer or into another location. One must try to install the printer, and later on save the scanning format and location of users’ choice.

Steps to scan documents on Canon printer

Checking for the Canon Printer

• Connect the printer to the computer.

• Install the software on the computer afterwards

• Test for the printer.

Prepare to Scan

• Turn the printer as well as the computer on.

• Next, just lift up the lid of the printer.

• Placing all the items that a user wished to scan with the front side down on the glass is necessary.

Scan on a Canon Printer

Look for all the applications.

• Click on the tab which says, “scan” or select the scanner from the list of printer options.

• Choose the type of document which needs to be scanned and set the resolution as well as format you would like to save it in.

• Use the browser to choose the scanning will be saved. Click the Scan or Preview button which is located right at the bottom of the Canon Scan dialogue box.

Why to approach us?

Expert Canon printer customer support team of Canon printers possesses a deep knowledge about its technical specifications which makes them highly capable of solving all your Canon issues. Well, we encourage our users to explore our tech support services by contacting us at our toll-free number. Having an extensive experience in solving issues related to Canon printers, we are smart enough to deliver the best-in-industry solutions to customers. So, come and explore our rich technical support services at highly feasible rates.


How to connect to canon printer with your Desktop?

Connecting your computer with a canon wireless printer can be messy at times. You have to take care of many things while connect to canon printer with your computer. Now-a-days, things are much simpler. Whether you’re connecting a printer directly with your computer, creating a network set-up, or trying to print from your smart-phone or tablet, you can easily print in a few minutes.

By following these pointers, you have your canon printer up running:

  1. Set your printer by your computer.You need to ensure that it is close enough so that the cable can reach your computer without tension.
  2. Install the driver that came with your printer.To make the process easier, install the driver that came along with the printer before connecting it. If you don’t have any driver software, don’t worry. Windows will automatically detect the printer when it is plugged in.
  3. Plug the printer into your computer using a USB cable.Ensure to plug the printer into your computer with a USB port directly. Check the printer has been plugged into the power source and is turned on.
  4. Follow the prompts Windows provides to install the printer.Windows should automatically detect your new printer and install any additional required software.
  5. Confirm whether your printer was installed correctly.Open the Control Panel; opt for “Devices and Printers” and search your newly-installed printer on the list.
  6. Download updated drivers from the manufacturer if your printer doesn’t install.If your printer is still not showing on your system, installing new drivers from the manufacturer might resolve your problem. You can visit the manufacturer’s support site and download the drivers for yourprinter model.

After the printer has been located and recognized by Windows, you can either print or save some energy and switch off the printer. You can even disconnect it when you don’t need it.

After going through these pointers you’ll be easily able to resolve the printer connectivity problems. If some issue persists, not letting your printer connected to the system, time to reach Canon Printer Support team.you can call us on our toll-free number +1-855-790-7845 and we will get online Canon Printer tech support service with the best Canon customer care support at reasonable charges and they also provide the instant support for  Epson printer Help and Brother printer Help at reasonable charges.