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How to Fix Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise?

When the Canon printer’s Clutch Actuator is not engaged properly, weird grinding noise comes out of the printer. If you do not fix Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise issue in time, your printer will not pick papers properly. Whenever you face such pesky error while printing, place a quick call at Canon Printer Support Number for help.

Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise for many possible reasons. Whenever your printer starts to make an irritating grinding noise, you will not be able to print anymore. Driver rollers will rotate but do not pick up papers. When you encounter such error your printer lights will start to blink and a paper will occur within the printer. Sometimes if you do not install both ink cartridge properly, Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise issue may appear. With the two cartridges properly installed, your printer will not function properly.

Effective Solution to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise:

If you are confronting irritating Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise error, it means that you need to fix the disengaged clutch actuator as early as possible. To do so, read out the blog or carefully or contact Canon Printer Repair Service and make this error disappear.

  • When this Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise error appears, the first thing you need to do is to open the printer lid.
  • Next, unplug the power cord from the rear side of the printer and thus detach the upper paper tray.
  • Now slide the carriage assembly holding the ink cartridges away from the left side.
  • If the carriage assembly has already moved away from the left or struck on the left side, push down on the large black bar.
  • Push it directly above the three large rollers and thus release it so that its springs back up.
  • Now try to move it on the right again by lifting the carriage assembly.
  • Locate the metal gear assembly directly above the metal gear.
  • Look for the clutch actuator there and thus make sure it is not struck between metal gear and plastic half gear.
  • Now make sure that the clutch actuator moves freely from left to right.
  • Next, you need to replace the Upper Paper Tray or the Output tray and thus close the printer lid.
  • Plug back the power cord back in the rear side of the printer.
  • Now turn the printer on and thus perform a self-test by pressing and holding the Resume button.
  • Keep pressing the buttons for good 5 seconds and then release them.
  • If the Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise error recurs make sure that the cartridges are not loose.
  • Try a self-printing again to dismiss this error easily.

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Get round the clock personalized help for multifarious Canon Printer Issues:

In case you are unable to make Canon Printer Making Grinding Noise error disappear, we are here to proffer complete guidance. Canon Printer Support Phone Number comprises a team of professionals and engineers. The team is ready to assist you 24*7 with uninterrupted services. No matter how complex the error is, we proffer instant and complete solutions. Hence dial the toll-free number to get personalized help at desk.