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Fix Canon Printer Light Error

How to Fix Canon Printer Light Errors?

Error lights are a machine way of telling that something is wrong with your Canon Printer. When an internal error occurs, Canon Printer light flashes as a warning signal. There are many ways to fix Canon Printer Light Errors. An error light can signal any internal printing errors that hinders its functionality. An light error displays Canon printing errors like paper jam, out of paper or some internal mechanical errors.

It is important to understand each error lights significance for easy troubleshooting. Whenever you printer is bugged by an error, Alarm lamp flashes Orange light. These error lights are also supported by error messages, displayed on the screen.

Effective Procedures To Fix Canon Printer Light Errors Issue:

Here, you can find common error codes significance and effective ways to fix them. Each error codes has different ways of troubleshooting. Go through the solutions for such light errors codes to get rid of printing errors immediately. Repair Canon Printer light error issues with professional help with our online remote services.

For 2-3 Flash Errors:

2-3 flashes errors are for “Out of Paper” and “Paper Jam” respectively. To rectify these flash errors reload papers properly in the printer. And thus click on Resume or Cancel button on the printer.

For 4, 5,7 Flash Errors:

Flash error 4 and 7 shows that the ink tank is not installed in the correct position. 5 flash error stands for Print head is not installed properly. To fix this errors you need to reinstall the print head and ink tanks in their respective places. Hence click on Resume button to complete the process.

For 8, 13,14,15,16 Flash Errors:

These flash errors signifies “Ink tank cannot be recognized” or “Ink level cannot be detected”. To deal with such errors, replace the ink tank or install proper ink tank in the printer.

For 9,19 Flash Error:

When there is a communication connection between printer and computer, these flash errors pop up suddenly. in such cases, you need to establish a proper connection by replacing the USB cables or attaching them directly to computer.

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