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How To Fix Canon Printer Error E100-0001?

The Canon Printer Error E100-0001 error executes when the scanner motor has started up and the BD input signal is not working within specific time period.  As a result, the motor rotates too fast while failing to reach its specific revolution within 20 sec of time in deceleration. During the WMUPR period after the power has been switch on or even if the front cover as well as the left cover has been opened or closed completely, the drum unit is absent completely. Here the wiring presents itself in faulty mode which can either be in a short circuit, process or in an open circuit. The laser scanner unit is also faulty in such cases. Not only this but also, the DC controller PCB is in faulty and drum unit is not installed. Follow instructions below to fix Canon Printer Error E100-0001 which has been explained in quite easy way.

 Canon Printer Error E100-0001

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error E100-0001?

Solution 1: This solution suggests users to turn off the printer and at-least for 10 minutes. After that turn it on again.

Solution 2: Try to perform a flip open process at the top of the printer and search for a small shutter which is used to hold the laser. As suggested by Canon Printer Repair tech support engineers, carefully force this open with the hands and force the laser out into the center space of the tracking cradle. After moving the laser, just unplug the printer for at-least few minutes and plug the printer device into it again.

Solution 3: Well, if the issue does not resolve after applying all these steps then, it is recommended to get connected with a professional technical team immediately to avoid future issues.

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