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Fix Canon Printer Error Code c610

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code c610?

Canon Printer Error Code c610 is a “Valve Cam Sensor Error” that mainly occurs due to paper debris inside the printer, mainly near the purge unit. This detailed guided walk through will help you to fix Canon Printer Error Code c610 in meantime possible.

Canon Printer Error Code c610

Canon Printers offers most reliable and compact multifunctional printing devices that truly help you to cope up with your everyday work. But a sudden error between works can be frustrating as it hampers and delays your work process. Canon’s simple and easy configuration process makes it one of the most desirable devices in the market. Canon Printers that are more likely to affect by this error c610 are mp560, mp620, mp640, mg5200, mg5300 and so on.

Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code c610:

With the help of this guided walk through, one might be able to solve this error effectively and easily. The solutions are simple and easy to follow. Follow the solutions below to fix this error in time.

Solution1: As the problem is with the Purge Unit, open up your printer and move the print head to the centre. Disconnect all the power cables and thus look on the right whether the purge unit is fine and there is no piece of paper struck.

Solution2: Try resetting your Printer. Turn on the power button and thus press the Resume button for a good 15 to 20 seconds to reset your printer. Other than that, if you are still facing this issue, contact our Canon Printer Support center for prompt solution.

Solution3: Reset the cartridge. To do so, turn off your printer and open the printer door. Now turn on the printer and make sure the cartridge is moved back to the centre. Close the door as it is done.

Solution4: Clean the print head. Take a small paper towel and wipe out all the plastic pieces inside the printer carefully without further damaging it.

Solution5: Look for a micro-switch that is most probably being pressed by one of the purge unit cams. Just clean it to get rid of the error.

By following the above steps, the error problem will be resolved in less time possible.

For Further Assistance Call at Canon Printer Support Number:

In case, you are unable to fix the error on your own even after trying all the above solution, it is recommend connecting with our Canon technicians at Canon Printer Customer Support Number. Their sound knowledge to their respective field will not only resolve you issue immediately but only recommend you software or hardware so that the error does not occur again in future.