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Canon Printer Error B200 Fix It Without a Hassle

Though Canon has been undoubtedly a giant in terms of manufacturing printers and the technology behind the development of effective printing still even Canon isn’t free of errors and glitches which plague the brand occasionally. Canon Printer Error B200 is one such issue that the users are quite nagged with these days. Firstly, this is an error which creeps during the setup of the printer and the cartridges. We will give you some primary steps that will help you improve the issue.

We can work mutually in fixing these errors, but for that, you have to perform certain steps that we will state concerning the reasons behind the failure. Furthermore, we will recommend some ways to fix the problem. For additional pieces of information, you can reach out to our tech support executives.

Breakdowns Constructing Canon Printer Error B200

  • There can any unstable condition in the Printer hardware generating the error.
  • There can be any mistake in the Printheads occurring in Canon Printer Error B200.
  • The Canon Printer intricacies can also arise due to particular faults in the cartridge which are responsible for creating such failures.
  • There can be a problem with the Printer settings inducing the particular failure.

Here, we have stated some ideas which result in Canon Printer Error B200. Follow the later half of the guide thoroughly and try to resolve Error Code B200 In Canon Printer. Besides, for expected help, you can connect with our Technical Support Professionals.

How To Fix Canon Printer Error B200

Here we will state some ways to troubleshoot the Canon Printer issue. Follow the steps to rectify the problem.

Fix 1:

Open the first cover of the Canon Printer. You can see that the cartridge lift up, that too automatically. Remove the entire cartridges from the cartridge cradle. Remove the printheads further. You can remove the printheads by lifting the portion beside the cartridge cradle. After performing this step, gently place the printheads back in place. Also, set the cartridges back and finally unplug and replug the Printer.

Fix 2:

In this step, you will have to troubleshoot the cartridge. Firstly, turn the printer off. In case of the B200 error, the cartridge cradle stocks. However, you cannot conclude here that the cartridge is defective. Secondly, remove the ink cartridge. The Canon printer has a defect that you cannot entirely eliminate the B200 Error without replacing the unsettled cartridge.

Consequently, supersede the ink cartridge with an old working cartridge or outmode it with a fresh one. Do an open outlet check or a cleansing cycle. After the replacement of the ink cartridge, this is a decisive step to settle whether you have done the replacement of the wanted ink cartridge from the printer.

Fix 3:

If the above steps do not work, then try a combination of the above two steps. It will surely help you solve the issue completely. If not, you can refer to our customer service helpdesk for advanced help.

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Dial +1-855-790-7845 Canon Customer Service Number for 24*7 Customer Supports:

Our tech support team is eligible enough to help you out with the issue of Canon Printer Error B200. Therefore, you can easily count on our tech-savvy team. Moreover, our support experts are quite friendly. You can easily communicate with us and feel free to explain each and every technical issue you are facing.

Apart from these, our Canon Printer support team holds a good customer service record for a long time now. Therefore, it is easier for you to believe in our customer services. You can choose any of our multi-channel contact facilities to connect with us in such situations. You can give us a call at our Canon support number +1-855-790-7845. for additional help.

Fix Canon Printer mp560 Error Code b200

How to Fix Canon Printer mp560 Error Code b200?

If you own a Canon Printer, it is most probably normal to encounter error b200 at some point. To fix Canon Printer mp560 Error Code b200, there is some simple troubleshooting guidance that you need to follow. Canon Printers are in market for a long time and its reliability and easy troubleshooting features attracts the users most.

The Error Code b200 for Canon mp560 Printer normally occurs when different formulas of inks have been used by the printer. Replacing or refilling OEM Cartridge with a cheaper one or poor quality one effects the printer and thus the error comes up time to time to time if not fixed in the first hand.

Below is the Troubleshooting Guide to Fix Canon Printer mp560 Error Code b200:

There are two phases through which this error can be resolved in less time and effort. To keep your printer from further damage, it is advisable to perform the steps in ascending order to avoid time consumption and errors.

Phase1: Removing of Damaged PIXMA mp560 Cartridges

Step1: First and foremost thing, turn of your printer and detach the power source.

Step2: Open the top cover of the Printer to reveal ink cartridges.

Step3: Carefully remove PIXMA mp560 cartridges, “PGI-220BK” and “CLI-221”.

Step4: Remove the print head from the printer without further damaging other components.

Step5: Clean the ink cartridges and print head properly

Step6: Clean the contact pads with the help of a contact cleaner or a pencil eraser.

Step7: After doing so, put back the print head and ink cartridges in their respective position and thus turn on your printer.

Step8: Run “Auto Head Alignment” test print.

The whole process will take around 30 minutes depending on your requirements to clean the components. If you have any queries regarding these steps, you can also contact our experts at Canon Printer Technical Support Number for easy and reliable help.

Phase2: Troubleshooting with Internet Connection and Administrator Access to System

Step1: Update the Printer Drivers and the Canon IJ Printer Utility Software

Step2: Open Device and Printers by Clicking on Start Button.

Step3: Open Properties by right clicking on Canon PIXMA mp560.

Step4: Click on Deep Cleaning after selecting maintenance box.

Step5: As the cleaning is done, run a thorough Nozzle Check from the maintenance tab.

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By following any of the phases, you will be able to fix the error b200 both manually and automatically.

Dial Up Canon Printer Support Phone Number to Avail Immediate Help:


In this blog post, we have discussed roughly on the solutions to troubleshoot the Canon Printer mp560 Error Code b200. To know more details about the product and fix the error more effectively, connect with us through Canon Printer Repair Service Number . The technical expert team will not only help you in troubleshoot the error but also give you solutions to keep your printer away from such errors. Their professional; and sound knowledge on every Canon Printer related problem will truly help you in distress.



Steps to Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code b200?

The Canon Pixma Printer Error Code b200 is one of the most common error code encountered by almost all types of Canon Printers. To fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code b200 is not a knotty one. This error code b200 generally occurs with an error message “A Service Error Has Occurred”.  Depending on the model of your Canon Printer, the troubleshooting steps may vary. Mostly canon printers come with either 2 or 4 cartridges. So while resolving the error code b200, the steps will be different for both the printers.

Canon Printers are widely known for its easy troubleshooting features. Until and unless the problem is hardware related, the errors and glitches can be fixed on your own with general knowledge of printer and professional guidance.

Follow the below mentioned steps to Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code b200

There are two different solutions for two different kinds of Canon Printers that generally come with either 2 set of cartridges or 4 set of cartridges. Go through the below mentioned solutions for two types of printers to get rid of this error code b200 effectively.

Solution 1: Troubleshooting 4+ cartridge Canon Printers

Step 1: As you remove the top cover of the printer, the cartridge cradle will lift up automatically. Take our all the cartridges from the cradle.

Step 2: Gently remove the Print Head by easily lifting the lever fixed just beside the Cartridge cradle.

Step 3: after removing it, place back the print heads in the exact same position and lock the lever.

Step 4: Now reinsert all the cartridges to its correct positions while ensuring the closure of the doors.

Step 5: After doing so, unplug your printer for cooling for 5 or more minutes.

Step 6: Re-plug the Printer and check whether the issue still persists or not.

Step 7: Finally start a cleaning cycle to perform an extensive nozzle check.

As the Canon Printer Error Code b200 generally occurs when your printer lost its regular access to its print head. So our Canon Printer Help center often suggests using of Re image plus Software to scan and replace corrupt and damaged files.

Solution 2: Troubleshooting 2 Cartridge Canon Printers

Step 1: In b200 Error situation, Cartridge cradle generally get struck. So in order to rectify this error, TURN OFF you printer first.

Step 2: TURN ON the printer again.

Step 3: Remove the cartridge that you replaced last time from the slot and replace it with a new one.

Step 4:  Start a cleaning cycle to perform an extensive nozzle check

Step 5: If the issue still occurs, then most probably you have replaced the error free cartridge. So check and replace the correct cartridge with the new one.

Those above steps will certainly troubleshoot the error code b200, but if not it is recommended to get in touch with Canon Printer Support Phone Number for further help.

For Further Information Call at Canon Printer Support Phone Number:


If the issue still persists, we recommend you to get in touch with Canon Printer Support Phone Number to resolve your issue immediately.  The well qualified, experienced team will help you to get your any Canon Printer related issues in the best way possible. Also further recommendation to keep your printer away from such errors.



How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200?

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200Canon is the leading and famous manufacturing company, which delivered a wide range of printers, to home and business users. However, Canon Printers are known worldwide for their easy troubleshooting. But, according to the recent research conduct by our Canon technical support professionals, numerous users encounter the error while working. The Error Code B200 is one of the most common errors, which encountered by users in the Canon Printers. Well, this kind of error code could happen due to various reasons, includes Print head issue or when not normal the print head voltage or temperature or Print head could be defective, Cartridge issue, Power connection issue, logic board, and so on. So, if you are getting exactly the same Canon Printer Error Code B200, while you are working. Then you don’t need to worry about it. Therefore, here the blog will guide you some easy methods on  Fix Canon Printer Error Code B200. Then you require following the below steps to solve the problem quickly.

Possible Causes for Canon MG5220 B200 Error

While working with the Canon printers, you may get Canon mg5220 b200 error all of a sudden. This error is very common on most of the newer models of Canon printers. Apart from MG5220 printer, the users can also face the error while using MP6320, MP870, etc. Due to a faulty printer’s ink head, such an error takes place. Sometimes, the print head of your printer is not correctly aligned with the front frame. Furthermore, the error may also occur due to the improper placement of cartridges.

Methods to Fix Canon Printer MG5220 Error Code B200

Method 1:- Turn OFF the Printer Power For Some Timecanon mg5220 b200 error

First, you should try to check to turn off or disconnect the power cable of the printer to the back from your Computer to automatically remove the Canon printer B200 error.

Follow these steps to do this task:-

  • Turn the printer off.
  • Unplug the power from the printer for at least 8-10 minutes.
  • While unplugged, remove any paper from the unit.
  • Then double-check for any obstructions found in the unit or paper paths.
  • If no obstructions are found, plug the power back in and turn the unit on.

Method 2:- Verify Internet Connection and Administrator Access on A ComputerFix Canon printer B200 error

You will need to verify that you have an internet connection and administrator access on a computer.

  • Update the printer drivers as well as the Canon IJ Printer Utility software.
  • Click on the “Start” from your Windows desktop and click “Devices and Printers”.
  • Right-click the Canon and click “Properties”.
  • Select the “Maintenance” tab and click “Deep Cleaning”.
  • Run a Nozzle Check from the “Maintenance” tab when the deep cleaning is done.

If everything is ok, but still this error persists, then you should proceed to the next step.

Method 3:- Check Your Canon Cartridges

You should try to check your cartridges connectors and functioning because an empty cartridge can lead to Canon Printer Error Code B200.

Step 1:- Check Cartridges ConnectorCheck Cartridges Connectors

Verify all the cartridge connectors (copper contacts on the front of the cartridge) and printer connectors, which located also in the front of the head. They must be clean in its entirety parts, means maybe they do not have stains of ink or down that can prevent the proper operation.

Step 2:- Check your Cartridges Slot

You need to ensure that all the cartridges are in the correct slot. Follow the colored indication to insert the cartridges in the appropriate way.

Step 3:- Check your Cartridges Compatibility

Now you have confirmed that your cartridges are compatible with your Canon printer. Verify check your cartridge’s compatibility.

Go through with the user manual or confirm from the dealer about the same.

Also, you must don’t leave the printer without the ink cartridges for too much time as the ink may dry on the print head causing printing issues.

Step 4-Replace the CartridgeReplace Cartridge

After performing the entire above step, if you find the cartridge has a fault. Then you need to do to replace the cartridge.

Method 4:- Clean the Print Head

You should need to clean the Print Head Deeply, as cleaning the print head deeply consumes more ink than the standard cleaning of the print head, so clean the print head deeply only when necessary.

Step 1:- Turn On the Printer Power

Make sure that the power is turned on.

Step 2:- Cleaning the Print HeadCleaning Print Head

Hold down the “Stop” button until the “Alarm” lamp flashes orange three times, then release it immediately. Then the printer starts cleaning the print head deeply.

  • The cleaning will be complete when the ON lamp lights green after flashing.
  • Make sure that you don’t need to perform any other operations until the printer completes the deep cleaning of the print head.
  • The process will take not much time, as it takes about 1 to 2 minutes.

Step 3:- Check the Print Head Condition

Then you will need to check the print head condition. Then print the nozzle check pattern.

  • Then reinstall the parts you removed and close the compartment door.
  • Next, reconnect the power cord and other cables and restart the printer.
  • Then print a test page to verify that the printer is working properly
  • If the problem is not resolved, then you should try to turn off the power and clean the print head deeply again after 24 hours.

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In case, if the problem is still not resolved, then you must contact our Canon support team to immediate support & help.

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