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How To Fix Canon Printer Error 5012?

This error code executes generally on Canon MG5522. When users come across this error code then, it signifies that there is no paper or you have stuck paper just under the print head, etc. also, users may come across sensor issues while the Canon printer error executes. Below we have two methods to fix Canon Printer Error 5012 with detailed explanation.

Methods to troubleshoot fix Canon Printer Error 5012

Methods 1:  If the printer has an internal hardware issue then, follow below steps as mentioned
Check just inside the Canon printer for any jam paper and any obstruction is there.

The next thing is to ensure that ink tanks are inserted correctly.
Finally, users are requested to unplug the power cord from the back side of the printer for at-least twenty seconds. Plug in the power cord after twenty seconds and turn the printer back on.
The printer needs to replace if these steps do not solve your problem.

Method 2: If the error is related to scanner then, follow these steps

It is possible that these things can occur in the MG5522 which can cause this. The first thing is simply to open the cover of the printer to perform a thorough check of ink. Turn on the Canon Printer MG5522 When the ink carriage comes in the middle section, just close the cover. If the error still persists then, it is recommended to go for immediate servicing. Users are advised to have a proper note the ink cartridge is not supposed to move when they have turned on the printer. It needs to be moved manually by turning the wheel in the back so that the paddle can be easily moved back so that the ink catridge is movable.

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