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Steps To Install Canon LBP 2900 Driver With Installation Disk

Before beginning the installation process of the Canon LBP 2900 driver software with the disk, it is first advised for users to get a professional guidance about connecting the Canon printer to computer. Users need to know about various steps to connect Canon 2900 printer to the computer. After making a well established connection to the computer, it is essential to turn on the Windows OS.  Insertion of the “CANON LBP2900 User Software” installation disk which is commonly known as CD-ROM into the CD/DVD-ROM is needed on your computer. Next, wait for a second and let the Canon LBP 2900 Setup process appear automatically.

Steps to install the Canon LBP 2900 printer driver with the installation disk

Method 1: Canon LBP2900 CD-ROOM starting Setup phase

  • When this window will appears, simply click to on the “Install” button to start the setup process of Canon LBP 2900 drivers.

Method 2: Selection of the printer software language

  • The printer driver further with all types of languages will be installed automatically while its installer program will ask for a message displayed as a “Do you want to continue? Click yes”.

Method 3: Working with the welcome “InstallShield Wizard for CAPT Printer Driver” will appear

  • This InstallShield Wizard will install the “CAPT Canon LBP2900 printer Driver” in your computer device.
  • Next, users will be asked to continue and click on the “next” button

Method 4: Managing read section and confirm contents of the “License Agreement”

  • Click on the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” message to confirm all terms and regulations of the Canon LBP 2900 agreement contents.
  • Hit the “Next” button to continue

Method 5: Selection of USB connection

  • To install the Canon LBP 2900 printer driver via a USB connection, users need click on the “Install Printer Driver thought a USB connection” message. Hit “NEXT” button to go ahead with all the installation process of Canon drivers.

Method 6: Turn on the Canon LBP2900 printer

  • Next, an option known as “Installing Printer Driver with Plug and Play” window will be displayed.
  • Press the power button which is located on ‘I’ side of power switch and then turn on your Canon printer

Method 7: Completing the setup process of Canon LBP 2900 printer driver software

  • At last, the message “Installation is complete” windows will be displayed to further inform users that the installation is done.
  • Select the “Restart my computer now” icon and then click “Exit” button to complete.

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How To Fix The Canon Printer E001 Error Code?

Fix The Canon Printer E001 Error Code.The Canon error E001 usually occurs due to overheating of the printer where the sub thermistor has detected around 295 degree Celsius of temperature for 200 ms or even may be longer than it at the end. But the issues are well capable to resolve by the assistance of Canon professionals. Users at this point of time are requested to reach out to Canon E001 Printer Support department. Well, moreover out Canon tech professionals have found a solution on various ways to fix the Canon E001 error code.

The E000, E001, E002, E003, E007 are all related to high or low temperature readings and the 7 is due to fixing film rotation issue. Below is the procedure to reset these errors. Occasionally, the fuser will run too hot or cool. Sometimes, this is a freak occurrence like when the power flickers on and off or just a faulty reading.

Ways To Fix The Canon Printer E001 Error Code E002, E003, E007 error code

Step 1:  Clear out the error

  • Go through the following instructions to clear the error by simply hitting the option CLEAR > ENGIN > ERRCLR option in Service Mode section.
  • Next, just turn OFF and then ON the power of the printer.

Step2: Canon error code E001 Service Mode / Fuser Code Reset

  • Check for all the available connector connection to the DC Controller PCB and on the Power Supply PCB
  • Replace all the required Fixing Assembly.
  • Check for the proper ventilation system and make sure that nothing is blocking the fan or even the cooling vents.
  • Make sure that the machine isn’t setting in direction of the sunlight and verify all environment specifications. In other words, don’t even try to run it in a hot factory
  • Check the fuser settings as well as the paper settings to match the paper type.
  • As suggested by Canon E001 Printer Technical Support experts, it is not suggested to run a machine on a heavy cardstock setting while working with the plain paper which can overheat the machine.
  • If it only happens on large print jobs, users need to reduce the size of the job and then allow cooling between jobs.
  • Replace the fuser. Canon image RUNNER 1750,1740,1730 Fuser Replacement

Step3: Canon E001 error code Fuser Replacement

  • Replace the DC Controller PCB next.
  • Additional advice is recommended expert professionals to fix the Canon error code E001
  • Turn off the machine and then wait for at-least 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Reset the error code E001 of Canon printer and try again.

I described in a previous post that E000, E001, E002, E003 and E007 are fixing unit temperature error codes. Let’s go into more detail now.

Fixing unit is a necessary part of every photocopier and laser printer. It applies high temperature and pressure to melt the toner particles into the fibers of the copy paper. The temperature of a fixing unit must be sufficient to adequately melt the toner particles. Usually, an electronic component called Thermistor is used to measure and control the temperature. If temperature does not reach to a specific level within a predetermined time, it sends signal to the main control board to stop the machine and display error code.

Fixing error codes should be reset by a professional only. Thermistors, heater lamps, thermostats and other parts must be examined carefully before resetting the E000, E001, E003 and E007.Failure to do so may result in severe damage.

How to reset E000, E001, E003 and E007

Canon IR2016, IR2020

Enter the service mode by pressing “additional function” key, “2” and “8” keys in that order. SSSW will display. Press “OK” key.

Change Bit switch 1, bit 0 (might display as the first one on the left using number keys) status, (change 1 to 0 or 0 to 1).

 Press “OK” than Press “Stop” or “Additional Function key” to end service mode or restart the machine.

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Steps to Clean the Canon ink Absorber by Canon Printer Support

Clogged ink cartridges as per as research conducted by Canon printer Support experts can easily cause skipping and inconsistency of ink output while you are printing. So, a fully clogged cartridge print head in this case won’t at all print in a good manner. This will happen most often while an ink cartridge is taken out for a while and is exposed to air or even if the printer hasn’t been yet used. Manually cleaning of a clogged ink cartridge with a few drug store items and restoring that clean method, crisp the printing when you first installing the cartridge.

Steps to troubleshoot the cleaning process of the Canon Ink Absorber

   Step1: Remove the clogged ink cartridge

Removal of the clogged ink cartridge from the printer is a necessary step. Usage of a proper method for your printer model, but usually speaking, the lid and lift the cartridge should be taken out.

     Step2: Locating the print head

Locating the print head where the ink comes out of the cartridge should be done first and then wipe off any related dried or crusty ink issues by applying a soft cloth.

      Step3: Working with the metal nozzle plate

  • Get a soft piece of cloth, wet it and wipe out the print head area carefully. Using distilled water is also preferable here. Further if your cartridge has a gold, silver or copper nozzle plate, then try not to make it wet.
  • Use of a wet cotton swab just to clean out the print head is necessary. This will further keep the metal nozzle plate in a dry mode. This step has been mentioned as an essential one by a team of Canon printer technical Support professionals.

       Step 4:  Working with the cartridge

  • Put the cartridge back in the proper printer place and print a test carefully. If there is still any banding or blank areas visible, then simply run the print head cleaner utility software carefully
  • Fill up a small amount of bowl with the warm water. You only need to have enough water so that you can cover the print head easily. For completely clogged cartridges, you are advised to use a 50-50 solution of water as well as ammonia.

       Step5: Placing of the ink cartridge

  • Place the ink cartridge in the warm water or in a water-ammonia solution to submerged the print head.
  • If you are using a cartridge with a metal plate on the bottom, then try using the water-ammonia solution placed on a cotton swab to clean the print head.

      Step6: Soak the ink cartridge

  • At last, you are advised to soak the ink cartridge until you get the water in a cool mode. Next simply dry it with the help of soft cloth and then reinsert it into the printer carefully.
  • Next, you are advised to run the print head with the help of “cleaning utility” tool which came with your printer, try printing process to make sure that ink is flowing normally again.

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