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Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error code 6500

How to Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500?

If your Canon printer 6700 is showing error code 6500. Or if you have tried switching off, and cleaning the print heads and do many things, but to no avail any conclusion? Then don’t worry about it. Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500 is not such a rocket science for printer users, even it can solve efficiently by just trying to some troubleshooting solutions. Many users have experienced the same error and easily solve out by applying the easy solutions, that provided by the Canon Printer Support team. Therefore, the Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500 refers to “other hardware error”. This error results from printer hardware failure & nothing much can the user do instead of replacing the malfunctioning hardware. Well, the error code 6500 is a logic board error code. The PCI Bus error is detected by the ASCI. Sounds like it needs a new logic board. But the best suggestion you to, first of all, you can try to reset your printer. Then follow the below mentioned to fix the issue in an easy and efficient manner.


Step to Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500

Solution 1:- Turned On Canon Printer

  • Turn Off the power of the Canon printer with the “Power” button.
  • Then disconnect the data cable from the printer.
  • Next, unplug the Canon printer’s power cord for 11-12 minutes, and then plug it back in.
  • Then turn the Canon printer back on. If this works you’re done, if not try the next step.

Solution 2:- Reset the Canon Printer

  • Open the paper output tray.
  • Then open the top cover and wait until the print head moves to the center.
  • Next, open the inner cover and then verify that ink tanks are properly seated.
  • After verifying the ink tank properly seated, you need to press down on each ink tank until a click is heard.
  • Then close the inner cover and top cover, and then turn the printer off.
  • Power on the printer.

Now try to do your work again and check the error still appear.

If reset method does not work for you then you go for the new logic board replacement. Take the Canon Printer Customer Support team for immediate help.

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