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Steps to Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code b200?

The Canon Pixma Printer Error Code b200 is one of the most common error code encountered by almost all types of Canon Printers. To fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code b200 is not a knotty one. This error code b200 generally occurs with an error message “A Service Error Has Occurred”.  Depending on the model of your Canon Printer, the troubleshooting steps may vary. Mostly canon printers come with either 2 or 4 cartridges. So while resolving the error code b200, the steps will be different for both the printers.

Canon Printers are widely known for its easy troubleshooting features. Until and unless the problem is hardware related, the errors and glitches can be fixed on your own with general knowledge of printer and professional guidance.

Follow the below mentioned steps to Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code b200

There are two different solutions for two different kinds of Canon Printers that generally come with either 2 set of cartridges or 4 set of cartridges. Go through the below mentioned solutions for two types of printers to get rid of this error code b200 effectively.

Solution 1: Troubleshooting 4+ cartridge Canon Printers

Step 1: As you remove the top cover of the printer, the cartridge cradle will lift up automatically. Take our all the cartridges from the cradle.

Step 2: Gently remove the Print Head by easily lifting the lever fixed just beside the Cartridge cradle.

Step 3: after removing it, place back the print heads in the exact same position and lock the lever.

Step 4: Now reinsert all the cartridges to its correct positions while ensuring the closure of the doors.

Step 5: After doing so, unplug your printer for cooling for 5 or more minutes.

Step 6: Re-plug the Printer and check whether the issue still persists or not.

Step 7: Finally start a cleaning cycle to perform an extensive nozzle check.

As the Canon Printer Error Code b200 generally occurs when your printer lost its regular access to its print head. So our Canon Printer Help center often suggests using of Re image plus Software to scan and replace corrupt and damaged files.

Solution 2: Troubleshooting 2 Cartridge Canon Printers

Step 1: In b200 Error situation, Cartridge cradle generally get struck. So in order to rectify this error, TURN OFF you printer first.

Step 2: TURN ON the printer again.

Step 3: Remove the cartridge that you replaced last time from the slot and replace it with a new one.

Step 4:  Start a cleaning cycle to perform an extensive nozzle check

Step 5: If the issue still occurs, then most probably you have replaced the error free cartridge. So check and replace the correct cartridge with the new one.

Those above steps will certainly troubleshoot the error code b200, but if not it is recommended to get in touch with Canon Printer Support Phone Number for further help.

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If the issue still persists, we recommend you to get in touch with Canon Printer Support Phone Number to resolve your issue immediately.  The well qualified, experienced team will help you to get your any Canon Printer related issues in the best way possible. Also further recommendation to keep your printer away from such errors.