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Top Canon Pixma E500 Error Codes That You Need To Know

The Canon E500 printer is one of the most advanced printer which is build upon the latest printing technology. The printer comes in medium-size device and is reasonably light weight of around 5.3 kg. The black plastic body has no sharp edges, and the design is fairly pleasant to appear. The trays of the Canon printer Pixma E500 are quite flexible to use according to Canon Pixma E500 Printer Support professionals.  Its glossy finished touched feature makes the printer most eye-striking among users. But here in this blog, we will be introducing you guys with various Canon Pixma E500 error codes that you need to know.

List of top Canon Pixma error E500 codes

Error code 1: Canon E500 Error Code E02 (E,0,2)

  • This error symbolizes that printer is out of paper or is incapable of feeding any document.

Error code 2: Canon E500 Error Code E03 (E,0,3)

  • This error signifies the Paper Jam.

Error code 3: Canon E500 Error Code E04 (E,0,4)

  • The error signifies that the “fine cartridge” is not installed accurately.

Error code 4: Canon E500 Error Code E06 (E,0,6)

  • As stated by Canon Pixma E500 Printer Technical Support experts, the paper output cover is not in a closed state.

Error code 5: Canon E500 Error Code E07 (E,0,7)

  • The ink absorber is complete and users need to reset the counter.

Error code 6: Canon E500 Error Code E08 (E,0,8)

  • Here the error signifies that the ink absorber is almost in a full stage. Users are then required to press the “black or color” button to resume it in a proper.

Error code 7: Canon E500 Error Code E16 (E,1,6)

  • The ink in completely finished as of now. You are required to tap on the “Stop/Reset” button to resume the printing process.

Error code 8: Canon E500 Error Code E17 (E,1,7)

  • The front tray is totally closed.

Error code 9: Canon E500 Error Code E30 (E,3,0)

  • The error code defines that the size of the original cannot be accurately detected or even it is possible that the document is too small when the “Fit-to-Page copying” is selected.

Error code 10: Canon E500 Error Code E31 (E,3,1)

  • The machine is surely disconnected with the computer.

Error code11: Canon E500 Error Code E40 (E,4,0)

  • It shows that the protective material of the Canon Pixma E500 printer for the FINE cartridge or the tape is still attached.

Error code 12: Canon E500 Error Code E50 (E,5,0)

  • Scanning of the print-head alignment sheet has failed to function

Error code 13: Canon E500 Error Code P02 (P,0,2).

  • This is a critical error which shows that the printer is in malfunctioning stage.

Error code 14: Canon E500 Error Code P10 (P,1,0).

  • This error signifies that the mechanical printer is in total malfunction stage.

So, these are few topmost errors of Canon Pixma E500 printer that users need to be aware of. Our professional team of Canon Pixma E500 Printer Support experts is always available for you to help overcome with any kind of unexpected issues.  Call us or even you may drop us an email to our professional email ID.