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Steps To Install Canon LBP 2900 Driver With Installation Disk

Before beginning the installation process of the Canon LBP 2900 driver software with the disk, it is first advised for users to get a professional guidance about connecting the Canon printer to computer. Users need to know about various steps to connect Canon 2900 printer to the computer. After making a well established connection to the computer, it is essential to turn on the Windows OS.  Insertion of the “CANON LBP2900 User Software” installation disk which is commonly known as CD-ROM into the CD/DVD-ROM is needed on your computer. Next, wait for a second and let the Canon LBP 2900 Setup process appear automatically.

Steps to install the Canon LBP 2900 printer driver with the installation disk

Method 1: Canon LBP2900 CD-ROOM starting Setup phase

  • When this window will appears, simply click to on the “Install” button to start the setup process of Canon LBP 2900 drivers.

Method 2: Selection of the printer software language

  • The printer driver further with all types of languages will be installed automatically while its installer program will ask for a message displayed as a “Do you want to continue? Click yes”.

Method 3: Working with the welcome “InstallShield Wizard for CAPT Printer Driver” will appear

  • This InstallShield Wizard will install the “CAPT Canon LBP2900 printer Driver” in your computer device.
  • Next, users will be asked to continue and click on the “next” button

Method 4: Managing read section and confirm contents of the “License Agreement”

  • Click on the “I accept the terms in the license agreement” message to confirm all terms and regulations of the Canon LBP 2900 agreement contents.
  • Hit the “Next” button to continue

Method 5: Selection of USB connection

  • To install the Canon LBP 2900 printer driver via a USB connection, users need click on the “Install Printer Driver thought a USB connection” message. Hit “NEXT” button to go ahead with all the installation process of Canon drivers.

Method 6: Turn on the Canon LBP2900 printer

  • Next, an option known as “Installing Printer Driver with Plug and Play” window will be displayed.
  • Press the power button which is located on ‘I’ side of power switch and then turn on your Canon printer

Method 7: Completing the setup process of Canon LBP 2900 printer driver software

  • At last, the message “Installation is complete” windows will be displayed to further inform users that the installation is done.
  • Select the “Restart my computer now” icon and then click “Exit” button to complete.

For further issues related to Install Canon LBP 2900 Driver With Installation Disk , do call us at Canon Customer Support section to get immediate help. We are available all day long to assist our customers in difficult times by delivering an absolute industry touch solution.