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How to Fix Canon Printer Error p02?

When something is unmistakably wrong within the printer ink cartridge, your Canon printer will no longer print. You need to Fix Canon printer error p02 in order to dismiss the cartridge error. However, Canon printer support number refurbishes your printing experience with world-class solutions.

Fix Canon printer error p02

A number of things can go wrong when you do not take proper care of your printer. If you position the cartridges in the wrong place and accidentally block the chip, such errors are evitable. Very often, it is possible that the print head is damaged or faulty. There is the ample number of possibilities which make such sort errors to come up on the display screen. Problem with connector, cartridges, you need to consider all in order to get back to the error.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error p02:

This error is normal and not at all knotty. You simply need to remove the ink cartridges and replace them in the respective places. Nontech users may find it a bit tricky due to its complexity. Read the blog carefully or take help from Canon printer repair services for instantaneous support.

Solution 1: Restart the Canon Printer Device

  • First thing, before starting the troubleshooting process, turn your Canon Printer OFF and then ON.
  • Now navigating to the carriage, move it from left to right.

Solution 2: Check whether there are any foreign particles are there or not

  • Look inside the printer, and ensure that there are no foreign objects obstructing the printing path. It can be paper or paper clip anything.

Solution 3: Clean the Encoder Strip

  • Use a dry lint free cloth and thus clean the encoder strips carefully.
  • Also, clean out the ink splashes if there is any.

Solution 4: Check whether there is any defective part or not

  • Carriage Unit
  • Carriage Motor
  • Logic Boards
  • Timing Slit Film

Solution 5: Clear out the paper jam

When you are done with all of the above solutions, the last thing that you need to perform is a clearing of the paper jam. Take a thorough look at your printer and remove any unwanted objects that you find within.

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Canon Error Code 6aoo

How to Fix Canon Error Code 6aoo?

Paper jam is the mother of all printing error. When a paper jam takes place inside the printer, you will experience a lot of printing error. Likewise, to Fix Canon Error Code 6aoo, you need to clear out the paper jam. On such consequences, Canon printer support phone number plays the prime platform.

A number of error codes and messages appears when a piece of debris gets struck within the printer. When papers create an obstruction in the printing path, your printer will start making clumsy noises. You will no longer be able to print anymore. If you do not get back to the problem in time, the printer will stop performing after some time.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Error Code 6aoo:

Whenever such situation comes to you, the first thing that you should look for is a professional technical help. Read the blog out or connect with Canon printer repair services to resolve such issues from its roots.

Solution 1: Clear Paper Jam from the Paper Output Tray

  • First of all, you need to power your printer off followed by removing the paper from the ASF.
  • Next pull the jammed papers out, if it is visible from the ASF and the paper output tray.
  • If a piece of paper left inside the printer, open the Scanning unit and clear the shredded paper gently.
  • Check whether the light is on or not after turning on the printer.
  • Load paper into the ASF and thus click on OK button to clear the message.

Solution 2: Paper Jam inside the Printer

  • Switch your printer off and remove all the power cords from the printer.
  • Now clear the paper jam with the help of the following procedure
    • Check the rear side of the printer whether there is any paper jam left or not.
    • Take the cassette out and thus look for paper jam within there.
    • Now hold the document cover followed by pressing the tabs together.
    • Pull the green cover and look for paper jam existing there as well.
    • Finally, close the green cover and return the printer to its normal position.
    • Turn the printer on after connecting all the power cords again.
    • Check whether the alarm light is on or not.
    • Load the paper into the ASF cassette and thus press the Ok button to clear off the message.

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How to Resolve Canon Error Code 191

How to Resolve Canon Error Code 191?

Error Code 191 in Canon Printer clearly points out a communication error between system and the printer. You need to set proper connection between system and printer to resolve Canon Error Code 191. If you are confronting this annoying common printer error, place a quick call at Canon Printer Support Number.

Canon printer error code 191 suddenly pops in to your display screen, when the printer fails to connect with your system properly. The communication error is the result of a fault between the DC Controller PCB and the HVT unit on the composite power supply. If the cables and the wires connecting the printer and the system are loose or faulty, Canon Error Code 191 is evitable.

Effective Step by Step Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Error Code 191:

Whenever this Canon Error Code 191 appears, most people usually get freaked out. They start to look for more technical solutions rather than general solutions. Read the blog out or contact Canon Printer Repair Service to get to the roots of the error.

Go through the below mentioned solutions to take care of the Canon Error Code 191.

  • As soon as you confront this error, the first thing you need to do is to establish a proper connection between DC controller PCB and the Composite Power Supply.
  • Check whether the harness between DC Controller PCB and the Composite Power Supply is good or not.
  • You can perform a continuity checks including Cross Checks and checking for a pinched wire to ground for each wire. You also need to visually inspect it to rectify the communication error.
  • Next you need to make sure whether the wall voltage is correct or not. Make sure it is neutral to ground and less than 1 volt.
  • Finally you can also try replacing the DC controller PCB and/ or the Composite Power Supply.

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