How to Reset a Canon Printer MX310

How to Reset a Canon Printer MX310?

Canon Printer MX310 is a perfect amalgamation of innovation and technology. It features printing, scanning, faxing and copying facilities. But when the time comes you need to Reset a Canon Printer MX310 to restore its optimum performance. Canon Printer Support Number will help you to better understand the situation.

Canon Printer MX310 comes with an ink monitoring system. When the ink gets low or it needs to be refilled, you will encounter ‘low ink’ error messages on the display screen. Sometimes even if you have sufficient amount of ink to make a print, you will receive such error. Such situation calls for a reset to maintain the ink level in the printer. It helps you clear the old ink level memory so that you do not need to replace the ink cartridges anymore.

Efficacious Step By Step Process to Reset a Canon Printer MX310:

If you are trying to reset your Canon Printer, then it is better to do it professionally. Either read the blog out or connect with Canon Printer Repair services for more accuracy in the result.

  • Press the power button to turn off the printer.
  • Now press the Stop or Reset button on the Control Panel for a good Five Seconds.
  • While pressing the Stop or Reset button, you need to press the Power button as well.
  • Keep on pressing the two buttons for 5 seconds and thus release the Stop or Reset button.
  • Make sure not to release the Power button.
  • Now keep on holding the Power button while pushing the Stop or Reset Button.
  • When you release the power button, the power light will turn green.
  • As the lights turn steady, push the Stop or Reset button.
  • Now wait for three seconds and thus push it again.
  • Wait for few more minutes and press the button again for three times.
  • Then the Power light will turn orange
  • As you finally press the Power button, the lift cover will be opened.
  • Now take the ink cartridges out and wait for 10 seconds to place them back.
  • Finally, wait for more 30 seconds to push the Power button.
  • At last, press the power button to turn the printer on and reset it.

Grab Canon Printer Support Phone Number +1-855-790-7845 for canon mx310 u051 error:

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