[Solved] Printer Printing Blank Pages | Get Rid Of The Error

Printer Printing Blank Pages

Printer Printing blank pages is a common issue on Canon printer. Most of the time, this issue bothers you if there is no ink on the cartridges. 

Also, a cartridge failure or if the wrong paper size is loaded within the input tray, the Canon printer might print blank pages. 

Sometimes, due to an outdated printer driver or if you have not utilized the Canon printer for a long time, you may face this issue.

However, printer printing blank pages can easily be resolved with the following fixes.

Easy Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages

Searching for how to fix Canon printer printing blank pages? Thoroughly follow the rest of the guide and resolve your all queries.

Solution 1- Inspect the Ink Levels 

In order to check the ink level, first, insert some white paper within the paper tray. Then, touch the (-) button present beside the Setup icon on the bottom left corner of the Control Panel. 

After that, touch the right-arrow and choose Tools. Thereafter, select OK. Furthermore, select the Right arrow button in order to choose the Estimate ink Levels option. 

If you see the ink cartridges are empty, replace them with new ones. Now, in case none of the ink cartridges are low on ink, then you don’t need to replace them. Just proceed to the next fix. 

 Solution 2- Check the Cartridge

First, load some white paper within the input tray. Next, you have to press the Power button of the Canon printer. 

Now, open the cartridge door and wait until the Canon printer is idle. Then, slightly press down the ink cartridge to release it. Thereafter, remove the cartridges from the slot.

Now, place the new cartridges into the color-coded slot. Ensure that the icon on the cartridge matches the icon on the slot.

You have to insert the tri-color cartridges on the left side in the slot. The black cartridges should be placed on the right side.  

After that, push back cartridges into the slot. If required, repeat these steps for all the other cartridges.

Finally, you have to close the cartridges door. Check if the error has been solved or not.

Solution 3- Check the Settings of the Paper Size

If by chance, you have changed the paper size settings, then the Canon printer my print blank pages. Hence, move to the Print Settings and select the correct paper size.

Solution 4-  Unclog the Print Head

In case, you have not performed any printing task for a long time, then the ink can be dried up and it will block the print heads. 

In such a condition, take a soft cloth and carefully clean the print head. When finished, insert some paper within the printer and check if the issue still persists or not.

Solution 5-  Update the Printer Driver

If the above solutions are unable to fix the error, then it is highly recommended to update the printer driver. 

To do so, first, right-click on the printer name and choose Properties from the available option. Next, head to the Driver tab. After that, tap on the ‘Update Driver’ option in order to start the update procedure.

Wait for sometimes as this is can be a lengthy procedure. When finished, exit from the tab and reboot your device. 

Also, you can visit the official website of the Canon printer. After that, enter the model name on the Search box. 

Press the Enter key. Once you found the best-recommended version of the driver for your device, select it. Furthermore, follow the online instructions and complete the update procedure.


  • How do I Reset My Canon Printer?

    First, turn off the Canon printer. Now, hold the Stop button and press the Power button. Next, you should release the Stop button. Keep holding the Power button and press the Stop button twice.

    Wait for 30 to 45 seconds. After that, the printer will display ‘O’. Now, press the Stop button four times and after that, press the Power button twice. Press the Power button once more to turn on the printer. 

    Again, press the Power button to turn off the Printer. The reset process is now completed.  While pressing the power button, open the ink cartridges door. Furthermore, you have to reconnect the power cable. Finally, close the cartridges door and release the Power button.

  • How do I Connect the Canon Printer to a Phone?

    First, connect the device with the network. Visit iTunes or Google Play store. From there, choose the Canon app. 

    Now, open the image or document that you want to send to the Canon printer. Choose the Print option. Go to the Print Preview section and select Printer from the available option.

    Finally, tap on Print.