How To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

How To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

Canon printer is one of the most renowned printing devices available in the market to be used by thousands of users worldwide. But technical issues may definitely arise and one such issues is Canon printer 1007 error. Well, the error is caused due to zero availability of the paper in the cassette 1 as defined by a team of Canon Printer Support experts. The second reason is due to improper paper loading issues in the cassette 1. But, it is fortunate for all of us that our Canon experts have found a proper kind of solution on how to resolve the Canon printer error 1007.

Steps to resolve the Canon printer 1007 error

Step1: Detect Paper Setting Mismatch

  • Users are advised by Canon Printer Technical Support to disable the “Detect Paper Setting Mismatch” setting option on the printer to prevent getting this error message from displaying repeatedly.

Step2: Working with the “Home” screen

  • Flick the HOME screen first and then tap on the “SETUP” option

 Step3:  Device settings

  • To remove the Canon printer error 1007, users need to tap on the “DEVICE SETTINGS” option.

 Step4: CASSETTE settings

  • Next, simply click on the “CASSETTE” settings options to remove the error

Step5: Detection mode

  • Tap on the “DETECT PAPER SETTING MISMATCH” option to easily remove the error.
  • Next, just tap on the “NO” option.

 Step6: “HOME” option

  • Press and hold the “HOME” key for a while to complete the error removal process.

steps To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

I hope this blog will help you in removing the above mentioned Canon printer 1007 error faster. Well, if this is not worth in solving your Canon error issue then we encourage users to get in touch with our Canon Printer Customer Support department right now and fix the problem as soon as possible.  We are available 24*7 hours 365 days in a year to assist you in every difficult situation as and when needed.