How To Fix The Canon Printer E001 Error Code?

Fix The Canon Printer E001 Error Code.The Canon error E001 usually occurs due to overheating of the printer where the sub thermistor has detected around 295 degree Celsius of temperature for 200 ms or even may be longer than it at the end. But the issues are well capable to resolve by the assistance of Canon professionals. Users at this point of time are requested to reach out to Canon E001 Printer Support department. Well, moreover out Canon tech professionals have found a solution on various ways to fix the Canon E001 error code.

The E000, E001, E002, E003, E007 are all related to high or low temperature readings and the 7 is due to fixing film rotation issue. Below is the procedure to reset these errors. Occasionally, the fuser will run too hot or cool. Sometimes, this is a freak occurrence like when the power flickers on and off or just a faulty reading.

Ways To Fix The Canon Printer E001 Error Code E002, E003, E007 error code

Step 1:  Clear out the error

  • Go through the following instructions to clear the error by simply hitting the option CLEAR > ENGIN > ERRCLR option in Service Mode section.
  • Next, just turn OFF and then ON the power of the printer.

Step2: Canon error code E001 Service Mode / Fuser Code Reset

  • Check for all the available connector connection to the DC Controller PCB and on the Power Supply PCB
  • Replace all the required Fixing Assembly.
  • Check for the proper ventilation system and make sure that nothing is blocking the fan or even the cooling vents.
  • Make sure that the machine isn’t setting in direction of the sunlight and verify all environment specifications. In other words, don’t even try to run it in a hot factory
  • Check the fuser settings as well as the paper settings to match the paper type.
  • As suggested by Canon E001 Printer Technical Support experts, it is not suggested to run a machine on a heavy cardstock setting while working with the plain paper which can overheat the machine.
  • If it only happens on large print jobs, users need to reduce the size of the job and then allow cooling between jobs.
  • Replace the fuser. Canon image RUNNER 1750,1740,1730 Fuser Replacement

Step3: Canon E001 error code Fuser Replacement

  • Replace the DC Controller PCB next.
  • Additional advice is recommended expert professionals to fix the Canon error code E001
  • Turn off the machine and then wait for at-least 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Reset the error code E001 of Canon printer and try again.

I described in a previous post that E000, E001, E002, E003 and E007 are fixing unit temperature error codes. Let’s go into more detail now.

Fixing unit is a necessary part of every photocopier and laser printer. It applies high temperature and pressure to melt the toner particles into the fibers of the copy paper. The temperature of a fixing unit must be sufficient to adequately melt the toner particles. Usually, an electronic component called Thermistor is used to measure and control the temperature. If temperature does not reach to a specific level within a predetermined time, it sends signal to the main control board to stop the machine and display error code.

Fixing error codes should be reset by a professional only. Thermistors, heater lamps, thermostats and other parts must be examined carefully before resetting the E000, E001, E003 and E007.Failure to do so may result in severe damage.

How to reset E000, E001, E003 and E007

Canon IR2016, IR2020

Enter the service mode by pressing “additional function” key, “2” and “8” keys in that order. SSSW will display. Press “OK” key.

Change Bit switch 1, bit 0 (might display as the first one on the left using number keys) status, (change 1 to 0 or 0 to 1).

 Press “OK” than Press “Stop” or “Additional Function key” to end service mode or restart the machine.

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