How To Fix Common Types Of Canon Printer Error Codes?

Canon printers are widely used and are the most well-known printing devices among users across the globe. Like every other printer, Canon printers too come under the category of serious technical issues unexpectedly. So, here we will have a look on common types of Canon printer error codes with their appropriate solutions. Let’s have a look now.

Canon Printer Error Codes

 Common Canon printer error codes with solutions

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Below is a blog with a list of common types of Canon printer error codes which has been penned down by professional experts

  • Canon Printer Error Codes B200

    This error code is displayed due to ink cartridge error which appears while the chip on the ink cartridge isn’t capable of reading the information correctly and/or the chip is faulty.


To fix it, make sure that the contacts on the cartridge are well cleaned.

·    Canon Printer Error Codes  306

Among various common types of Canon Printer error codes, another one is error 306 which is displayed while you are trying to attempt a printing process from the Canon Printer via Mac


  1. Click on “Apple icon” which can be found located at the top left side of the screen.
  2. Hit on “System Preferences’.
  3. Tap on” Print & Fax” icon.
  4. If you find that the padlock in the bottom left is completely locked then, click to enter your password and hit “OK” button.
  5. Next, users are advised to remove the printer and then , tap on the “+ ‘ sign to add it again while leaving this options on default mode


  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 5100
  • This is an error which occurs due to defective issues in the carriage encoder signal. To resolve this error, perform all the following instructions given below:


  1. Check for any kind of obstructions leading to the carriage’s movement.
  2. Reseat the ink in next step.
  3. Next, you are requested to reset the ink absorber carefully.


  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 5200
    It is due to print head overheating issue.


  1. To resolve the issue, turn off the printer to allow it to cool down first and turn it on again.
  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 5700

This is an issue with sheet feeder section

To fix it, it is advised for users to replace the sheet feeder. Replacement is necessary because  gears in the printer or even in the sensor have become faulty and needs to fixed immediately.

  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 6A00
    The 6A00 error occurs due to complete jam of cartridge


  1. Switch off the printer first
  2. Hold down all the below given buttons for at-least 10 seconds:
  • Black Photocopy button
  • Red cancel button
  • OK button
  • On/Off Button
  1. Then carefully release the On/Off button of the printer.
  2. After turning on the printer, release all other buttons carefully.
  • Canon Printer Error Codes Error 6C10
    it’s an issue with the “Resetting of the waste ink absorber’ of a Canon printer.


  • Make sure that you8 have turned off the printer first
  • Press and then, hold the ‘Resume button “ of the printer
  • While holding this button, just hold down the” Power button”. Here you will see that the green led light  will appear
  •  Release the ‘Resume button’ and then hit it twice. You will see that the light will blink.
  • Release the Power button next carefully.
  • Press down the ‘Resume button for at-least four times and then hit on ‘Power button’ to confirm that the selected action is well functioning.
  • Turn off the printer and then turn it on again to complete the process

Canon printer support

If still, all these above solutions do not work well then, do give us a call at Canon Printer Technical Support section and get instant solutions. We bring you the best-in-class answers for your queries at your doorstep whenever needed.