Fix Canon Printers Error Code 5011

How To Fix Canon Printers Error Code 5011?

Canon printer error code usually occurs due to defect in cartridge holder which is completely stuck inside and as a result, it generates the 5011 error code. The issue is targeted in various Canon printer models such as MP480, MP490, MX340, MX320, MX350, MP540, MP620, MP550, MP560, MP600, MP610, MP630, MP800, MP810, MP830, MP970, MP980, MG2100, MG3100, MG4100 and MG5100. This is basically a kind of defective Printers issue that restricts users to go ahead with the scanning process. According to professionals troubleshooting steps are a little bit difficult to apply. Also, the problem may arise from any type of faulty issues from the production or maybe from the agitation while shipping was done. Below we have provided various solutions to fix Canon Printers error code 5011.

Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printers error code 5011

Solution 1: Try this first solution to remove the error code

  • Unplug the power supply first and then wait for at least 5 minutes. Plug-in the power cord again.
  • Now, turn off the printer first and carefully open the cover to change the ink cartridge.
  • Now, turn on the power button and then, close the cover while initializing is being done.
  • Power off the printer again and hold the “power+cancel” button at the same time.
  • Hold on the power button and then, release the “cancel” button.
  • Press the “cancel” button for at least 4 times and then, release both of them.

Solution 2: Try our second solution if you failed to solve the error code with the above one

Here, one needs to check that there are no pieces of paper stuck inside the device, no matter even if it is about little objects inside the printer.

Solution 3: This is another solution which is shown to resolve the error code :

Carefully clean up all the encoder strip which will be found located just behind the carriage. it is used to run all the way from right to left.

Solution 4: This is the last solution for this error code :

Unplug the printer and turn it off for at least 3 minutes, then again power on it to perform a test process

Lift the lid from the printer slightly including your Printers. With the lid open, now turn on the printer and then, close that lid to check whether the issue has gone or not.

At last, if nothing works out, the device needs to be repaired

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