Canon Printers Error 042 or 5010

How to Fix Canon Printers Error 042 or 5010?

Canon printer gives the quality printer service, that’s why it’s used by the billions number of users, all across the world. But often the users face the technical issues while using the Canon Printer. If you are one of the Canon printer users and you are getting the message of error 042 or 5010 after each copy function, if yes then don’t worry about it. You have required is to resolve the error message immediately. The reason may be involved to happening this error includes Scanner, USB connections, and purging unit inside the Canon printer, etc. As defined by the team of Canon Pinter Technical Support team, the error could be fixed efficiently.  Here the blog will guide you to How To Fix Canon Printers Error 042 or 5010 easily. You just need to follow the given below simple steps to fix the error.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printers Error 042 or 5010

Solution 1:- Turn the Canon Printer ON

  • First of all, turn OFF your Canon printer.
  • Then unplug the power from the printer for at least 5-10 minutes.
  • While unplugged the printer, remove any paper from the unit.
  • Next, double check for any obstacle found in the unit or paper paths.
  • If no obstacle are found, then plug the power back in and turn the unit on.

Now, check the, if the issue persists, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2:- Check the Glass

  • Open the top of the printer that gives access to the part of the scanner.
  • If possible, then remove the glass from the top of the Canon printer.
  • When you observe the imaging unit, which digitizes documents, then fixed moves it.
  • Now, check the, if the issue continues, then go to the next solution.

Solution 3:- Check the Connection Light

  • Open the same side of the printer (way in to manipulate the scanner).
  • Then, if the part of scanner (digitizer) appear at the cables and connections on top.
  • Now, look carefully and abundant lighting which has not taken off or broken anytime.

After the above steps, if you don’t find a solution, then it’s best for you to get the service tool for your printer and reset the printer EEPROM for the printer you have.

Solution 4:- Reset the Device

If the device is not functioning properly or to clear memory, then you should do to reset it.

  • On the operator panel, press and hold the “ON/OFF” button for one second, until the display will go blank.
  • It may be essential to unplug the power cord if pressed the “ON/OFF” button, then does not shut off the printer.
  • Now wait for some time at least 15-20 seconds and then press the “ON/OFF” button again.
  • Wait until the device has completed its cycling process before submitting another job request.”

Check the, if the issue persists, then go to the next solution.

Solution 5:- Check Purge Unit Inside the Canon Printer

  • Open the printer from the top, and then try to move the cartridge over the center very gently with your fingers
  • Now move ahead and remove the power.
  • Find the space to the right where the carriage was and then you will see the purge unit. There will be two ink pads there and plastic wiper blades.
  • Carefully move the wiper blades very gently forward to confirm they have not become stuck, and then let them go back.
  • Make sure you don’t need to force anything, in case you find notice of any sticky ink residue that is avoiding the smooth movement of this part, get a paper towel dampened with hot water and blot these parts to loosen/clean.
  • Clean all around the top of the purge unit as well.
  • Next, very lightly press down on the ink pads and see if you can pop it back into place, about 1/4 of an inch.
  • Now, make sure that there is no paper jam wrinkled around the purge unit, very gently remove anything that you might see if you do.
  • Then plug in the printer and close the top.
  • Now check the error is gone.

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In case, if not, then you will need to be repaired. You should contact with experts for getting the help.

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