How To Fix Canon Printers 1E3 Error Code?

The error usually occurs in Canon Pixma Printer Model MP495 which occurs when users are attempting to scan the documents. Problems can also be there in physical scan button which may be due to defective issues in the printer. Users can also get this problematic error code if the issue lies in the USB port. Well, without worrying much, it advised for users to follow below solutions to  Fix Canon Printers 1E3 Error Code.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printers 1E3 Error Code

Solution 1: Checking the cartridge

This is the first solution where users are asked to perform a thorough check whether the cartridge of the printer is empty or full? If it is found to be empty then, try to replace it with a good one

Solution 2: Check for a proper connection of the printer

This is the easiest of methods where users simply need to check for a proper connection of the Canon Pixma printer MP495. Do this, just press and hold the “Maintenance button (A)” on the printer at-least for face minutes. After check whether the issue exists to happen or not? This is done to check whether the printer is scanning documents accurately or not?

Solution 3: Check whether the USB is functioning well or not

  • If it is the case where users can print but they are not able to scan then, the issue lies with the USB device. Here it also signifies that either the PC or the scanner machine has the problem functioning accurately. In this case, simply isolate the scanner machine and then try to scan with the lid or the scanner cover while keeping it open.
  • Observe whether the “stick” with lights and belt are well attached to it to be easily movable around the glass. If it gets stuck in one side, then most probably users are going through a mechanical problem in the printer.
  • Now, check whether the PC is executing some issues or not? To do it, simply check by installing the printer driver to another computer and test whether the PC can scan or not. If your second PC is able to scan then, definitely the printer is defective

So, these were few steps above to overcome the error code.

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