How to fix Canon Printer Error Code U052 Printhead?

We have brought some excellent solutions to fix Canon printer error code U052 printhead as per the user’s request. The Canon users commonly face the printer error code U052.

The error code U052 refers to two types of fault. The printhead failure points to the improper installation of the print head. Moreover, the U052 error relates to the improper functioning of the print head. Overall, the Canon printer error code U052 printhead refers to the failure of the print head of the system. Go through the article to understand and resolve the error.

To fix Canon Printer Error CodeU052 as a lot of users come across with error message “U052 this type of Printhead is incorrect”. The very common error on Canon printers and is fairly easy to troubleshoot with following the blog steps. The two different scenarios related to U052 kind of error message. First one is the print head is not installed properly at all and then it is giving the U052 this type of print head is incorrect’ error message. Secondly, is where the print head is installed but it is not functioning properly or probably not working at all. The below blog section will describe step by step troubleshooting of both the scenarios. Or you can connect to Canon Printer Support Number for proper online remote assistance.

Reasons for encountering Canon printer error code U052?

Before proceeding to the solutions for the error code, we must know about the error and its probable causes. This error generally arises in the Canon printer for the printhead issues.

The error may occur if the print head of the printer is not fixed correctly. However, the other reasons can also be the improper installation of the drivers or the absence of the driver in the system.

It can also occur if the print head is not working sincerely or if it starts misbehaving in the middle of the task. These are the most probable reasons for the failure of the error.

Are you also facing any of these technical glitches with your printer? If you have any of these issues with you, then you can follow the steps mentioned below. These methods will help you to fix Canon printer error code U052 printhead.

Follow the steps fix Canon Printer Error Code U052 Printhead:

Method 1: With installed Print head

Step 1: To access the printer cartridge opens the top lid of the machine. The ink cartridges slot will automatically lift up after you have opened the top lid, to the middle front of the printer

Step 2: From the switch board unplug the printer and make sure cartridge is not located on the side of cartridges cradle cable is lifted up and in this position of the lever, the cartridge slot will not auto move.

Step 3: Remove all the ink cartridges from the cartridge slot

Step 4: The Removal of ink cartridges will expose the black print head. Gently remove the print head from the printer machine.

Step 5: After the removal perform the basic cleaning cycle on the print head.

Step 6: Reinsert the print head and the ink cartridges into the printer and make sure that there are no open doors and the lever is back in place.

Step 7: Cover the top lid of the printer.

Step 8: Switch ON the printer back.

Step 9: Take a test print in order to check if the Printer Error U052 is resolved or not.

Method 2: without installed Printhead

Step 1: Turn off the printer.

Step 2: Open the top lid of the printer machine. As you have found no cartridges or print head in the printer, then the positioning of the cartridge slots is normal i.e. in the middle front of the printer with the lever lifted up.

Step 3:  Just beside the cartridges slot in the sliding rail install the Printhead.

Step 4: Close the lever and make sure that there is no open door and the cartridges and the print heads are properly installed after the cartridges are installed into the cartridge slots.

Step 5: Close the top printer lid.

Step 6: Turn ON the printer.

Step 7: Test by taking the print in order to check if the Error U052 is resolved.

To resolve the Canon Printer error ‘U052 this type of print head is incorrect’, the troubleshooting approach given above would work in case of either of the scenarios.

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