How to Fix Error Code 6A81 on Canon Printer?

Canon Printer shows abundance number of error codes. Error 6A81 is one of them. It appears within the purge unit area of the printer. Fix Error Code 6A81 on Canon Printer for smooth and error-free printing. However, Canon Printer Support Number is much effect on such circumstances.

Paper jam is the mother of all printing problems in the printer. When a piece of paper obstructs the printing path, the print head and the carriage stops moving. Printhead normally rests over the waste ink sponges. But if the print head does not move or function properly, printing becomes impossible. Error Code 6A81 appears on Canon printers like Pixma IP4800, MG5140, MG5150, and MX882.

Elementary Solutions to Troubleshoot Error Code on Canon Printer:

There are abundant ways to clear this error. Here in this blog, you can have the best possible solution to make this error disappear. It is better to connect with Canon Printer Repair Services for more convenient help.

Solution 1: Clear the Purge Unit Error

  • When something jams the purge unit or the absorber gets out of the place, you need to move the carriage away from the purge.
  • You can find it on the right side of the printer where the print head parks its self.
  • Use a torch to look inside the printer and at the purge as well.
  • Check whether there is any crumpled paper or not.
  • Also look for the defect within the print head.

Solution 2:

  • It is possible that the wiper may have struck within the purge.
  • Slide it back and forth to check.
  • Use a long screwdriver to push and check whether it moves or not.

Solution 3:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to turn the printer off.
  • Use your hand to bring the ink-carrier to the right side.
  • And now finally push down it carefully on the carrier and thus hold on.
  • Push it to the left side of the carrier down, else it will come up.

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