How to Fix Canon printers Error Code U052 500?

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Quick recovery measures to fix Error Code U052 of your Canon printer:

This error code generally occurs due to improper installation of the print head or malfunctioning of the print head. Contacting with experts is always the best option to ensure accurate solution of the problem. But if you want to take an attempt to fix the issue on your own, you can follow the steps which mention below.

  1. Remove the Ink cartridge
  2. Remove the printheads and clean the rear ends with a soft cotton cloth
  3. Let all the parts to dry out for maximum 10 minutes
  4. Place the printhead and Ink cartridge back into their respective positions

If the problem persists, you can try out some other steps which are discussed below.

  • Insert new cartridge
  • Replace the cartridge with a new one
  • Reseat the printhead after cleaning it properly

Is your Canon printer still showing you the error code? Then you might have made any mistake during the recovery process and need help from an expert to get this annoying error code resolved quickly and conveniently.

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