How to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error?

A printer is a base for making hard copies in different work sectors and even for personal use. Printer Serves the purpose of printing and scanning of your documents from your system. It allows you to print and scan your documents from everyday work. However, often people get stuck with different error messages and problems with the printer. They often report on the issue of the printer not responding.

However, if you are finding any difficulty with your printer don’t worry this article will help you resolve your problem.

Most users prefer Canon printers as they come with multiple features. For instance, it supports USB v2.0 and different operating systems like Windows 7,8,10 and also Mac OS X. Being an electronic device, it comes with some flaws too. Sometimes, you may encounter the “Printer not Responding” error in your Canon printer.

Difficulties That User Faces With Printer Not Responding

The printer is a daily requirement for people working in different work sectors. It gets really annoying if your printer is stuck at work and your Workload is increasing at every moment. Often people find it hard to solve the issue, because it may arise from a lot of technical problem and glitches. There are no alternative options to the printer. People may find it hard to solve the issue, but often it occurs from some common mistakes. Like, sometimes people forget to check for the USB cable plugin, or they might have forgotten to Plug-in the printer power cable plug. In this cases, choosing a stepwise procedure to diagnose the problem would be wise.

It may also occur if you have made the wrong settings on your system during the installation procedure. Check for any possible errors at the front and then move on step by step.


Why is your Canon printer not responding?

There are numerous reasons behind this standard printer error. Sometimes, you may notice that your printer is unable to print the documents. This happens due to loose connections between your system and the printer. And, if it is a wireless model, then check whether the wifi is enabled or not. At times, the printer driver becomes corrupted or was not installed properly. Also, you may encounter certain messages claiming that your printer is running out of ink even if there is an ample supply.

How to fix Canon printer not responding error?

We are suggesting you some primary methods which will help you to resolve the Canon printer error.

Method 1: For Canon Wireless Printer

If you are using Wireless Canon printers, then the error occurs mainly due to communication problems. The below-mentioned steps will help you to sort out the issue quickly.

  • First, press the Setup button of your printer
  • In the next step, go to Wireless LAN setup and then press OK
  • After that, select Easy Setup and again press OK
  • Then, go for the Access point
  • Next, give the WiFi password and press OK
  • Insert the Setup disk in the computer

Method 2: Check Print Spooler service

Sometimes, you may forget to start the Print Spooler service. It must be activated before you begin the printing session.

For this, you have to go to the Start menu and click on it. A search box will open where you will type Services. After that, select the Print Spooler option. And then select properties.

Method 3: Turn on Network Discovery

Mostly, your printer does not respond due to Network Discovery issues. It is a network setting which enables your computer to see other devices connected with it.

  • Select the Start button
  • Then, click on Control Panel
  • After that, select Network and Internet
  • Then, choose Network and Sharing Centre
  • There, click on Advanced Sharing settings
  • If the Network Discovery is Off, click the radio button which will turn on the Network discovery

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