Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 4102

How to Fix Canon Printer Error U150?

The Canon Printer Error U150 is an internal error that occurs when a non-Canon ink cartridge is being inserted in the Printer’s replaceable ink cartridge. It is a bit difficult to Fix Canon Printer Error U150 messages, as an unauthorized chip is involved in this error. This error message generally occurs as a precaution against low quality cartridges that can damage the printer.

The Canon Prixma range of Printers are color inkjet printers that are famous for quality and reliability. These printers are interfaced with PCs or MACs that provide us ink, paper and internal error related messages.

Follow the Below Mentioned Steps to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error U150:

If your Canon Printer is showing Error U150 and is rejecting to print your documents, then follow these steps to troubleshoot problem effectively.

Step 1: Cancellation of all Printing Tasks on Your Computer

The first and foremost thing, you need to do is to cancel or remove the entire printing task in the queue on your computer. After doing so, switch off your Canon printer before accessing the ink tray door. The ink try door is basically placed on the top of the printer beyond the paper tray.

Step 2: Removal of Non-Canon Ink Cartridge from the Printer

Replace the non-canon ink cartridge from your printer with a canon one. In order to do, press down the cartridge to raise it up and thus take it out from the printer. For more assistance on how to remove the old cartridge and replace it with new one, you can talk to our Canon Printer Support team.

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Step 3: Placing of Canon Ink Cartridges

After removing the non canon one, place the Canon Ink cartridges inside your Canon printer correctly.

Step 4: Closing the Printer

Now at last press back the printer door to close it and switch on the printer. Your Canon printer will automatically recognize the ink type and reorganize it. Thus the error will be resolved. If the issue still persists. Connect with our experienced technicians to get instant help.

Get Instant Help from Professional at Canon Printer Technical Support Number:

In case, you still have any queries regarding the error or any other error related to Canon Printer, dial up our Canon Printer Support Number to obtain immediate help. The talented experienced team will resolve every possible query of users instantly through step by step process. they are available 24*7 to assist you to get your errors resolved in the shortest span of time.