How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U140?

This is basically a check ink error message which occurs when Canon inkjet printer is unable to read the installed cartridges inside the device. It further signifies that the ink cartridge cannot be recognized in the printer software.Well, we have solution to fix Canon Printer Error Code U140 but before that let us know more about this issue. Rectification of this error code is needed for a proper communicate with an installed cartridge which relies upon a series of gold contacts located in the front of the cartridge. If these contacts are anyhow damaged by ink, dirt or at the time of protective packaging then, users won’t be able to have full control over the cartridge. Thus the printer won’t be able to print at all.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U140


Open the printer’s cover first to remove the relevant cartridge gently. Now, switch off the printer by using accurate buttons that are there inside the printer. Make sure that you have not turned off the device’s plug. Double check for the cartridge level to ensure that cartridges are installed accurately for the printer. Wipe out all the contacts that are there in the front side of the cartridge using a piece of tissue paper.Now, press the power button to turn the device on. Reinstallation of the cartridge is essential to ensure that it is returned to accurate black as well as in colored cradle.

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To ensure that the cartridge are the root cause for this fault, it is suggested to try working with another ink cartridge if users are having spare part of it. Now, check for the issue, whether the error still persists or if it is due to corresponding contact faults inside of the Canon printer that are dirty. So, in this case, clean it out as described above. To access these contacts, remove the cartridge from the device to clearly watch out where the contacts on the cartridge made contact inside the printer.

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