How to Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code 6A00?

Canon is quite popular for offering exclusive printers with some high-end features at a low cost. But the Canon printer users often go through a few technical difficulties with their printing devices from time to time. If you are experiencing the same with your Canon Pixma printers, this article will be helpful for you. In this regard, our Canon Printer Support team has introduced some necessary details about the Canon Pixma printer error code 6a00.

Dealing with the printer errors can be hard for you without a proper technical assistance. If this error code is the reason you cannot operate your printer anymore, going through this article will definitely help you

Error Code 6A00 is more like an indication error. It lies within the purge unit. Fix Canon Pixma Printer Error Code 6A00 to clean out the “unable to print” error. The error also means that the paper is jamming the print head. You need help from Canon Printer Support Number to avoid hassles.

Whenever this error appears, printing becomes a bit difficult. It starts crashing from time to time. This error code also comes along with an error message saying, “unable to print and receive”. You need to unblock the cartridges to deal with the error code.

Know What Can Trouble The Canon Pixma Printers

As soon as the error code 6a00 appears, you might be completely clueless about your next move. There can be multiple reasons behind this problem. This error code is an indication that there is a problem in the purge unit of the printer. On the other hand, paper head jamming can also be another reason behind this error message.

Right after the occurrence of this message, your system can start crashing frequently. This error code can also show up in another form. For instance, “unable to print and receive”. This message indicates the same and has to be taken care of immediately before it starts bringing more trouble for you.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Pixma Printer Error Code 6A00:

Cartridge faults are not always easy to deal with. You need to reset or replace the cartridges as per necessity. Whatever the situation is, this blog or Canon Printer Repair will help you to mend this error in the better way.

Solution 1: Check Print Head Carriage                

  • Make sure whether the printhead carriage is moving back and forth properly or not.

Solution 2: Check the Purge Unit

  • If you have just moved the printhead assembly, the purge unit error will still be there. Look for jams with paper, paper clips, push pins, screws, cookie crisp, flower bud pods or the like and thus remove it.

Solution 3: Reseat the Ink Pads

  • Press down the ink pads down in the purge unit.
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