Canon Error Code 6aoo

How to Fix Canon Error Code 6aoo?

Paper jam is the mother of all printing error. When a paper jam takes place inside the printer, you will experience a lot of printing error. Likewise, to Fix Canon Error Code 6aoo, you need to clear out the paper jam. On such consequences, Canon printer support phone number plays the prime platform.

A number of error codes and messages appears when a piece of debris gets struck within the printer. When papers create an obstruction in the printing path, your printer will start making clumsy noises. You will no longer be able to print anymore. If you do not get back to the problem in time, the printer will stop performing after some time.

Efficacious Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Error Code 6aoo:

Whenever such situation comes to you, the first thing that you should look for is a professional technical help. Read the blog out or connect with Canon printer repair services to resolve such issues from its roots.

Solution 1: Clear Paper Jam from the Paper Output Tray

  • First of all, you need to power your printer off followed by removing the paper from the ASF.
  • Next pull the jammed papers out, if it is visible from the ASF and the paper output tray.
  • If a piece of paper left inside the printer, open the Scanning unit and clear the shredded paper gently.
  • Check whether the light is on or not after turning on the printer.
  • Load paper into the ASF and thus click on OK button to clear the message.

Solution 2: Paper Jam inside the Printer

  • Switch your printer off and remove all the power cords from the printer.
  • Now clear the paper jam with the help of the following procedure
    • Check the rear side of the printer whether there is any paper jam left or not.
    • Take the cassette out and thus look for paper jam within there.
    • Now hold the document cover followed by pressing the tabs together.
    • Pull the green cover and look for paper jam existing there as well.
    • Finally, close the green cover and return the printer to its normal position.
    • Turn the printer on after connecting all the power cords again.
    • Check whether the alarm light is on or not.
    • Load the paper into the ASF cassette and thus press the Ok button to clear off the message.

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