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How To Find A Printer IP Address? Quick And Easy Steps To Be Followed

How To Find A Printer IP AddressThe Internet Protocol address or the IP address enables you to operate any device such as a printer that is connected to a computer network. Sometimes, your printer might have a static IP address, that you can share with other devices, on the same network.

Sometimes, the operating system might be unable to detect the printer. Then, with the help of the IP address, you can easily locate the device.

Now, if you don’t know how to find a printer IP address then here you get to know a few effective ways to search for a printer’s IP address.

Before choosing an option you need to remember a few things. Like what printer model you are using or if there are any restrictions while using the network, etc. 

How to Find Canon Printer IP Address?

Use the easy methods to find the IP address of your printer. If you are using a Canon printer then carefully follow the instructions that are mentioned below. 

Solution 1: Onboard Configuration

With the help of the Printer menu, you will be able to determine a printer’s network IP address. You need to refer to the printer’s documentation. Then, go through the steps that are mentioned below. 

  1. At first, go to the Menu or tap on the Setup button. 
  2. After selecting the appropriate button, head over to the networking or the Network Setup option. 
  3. Then, hit on the Enter button. After that, follow the arrows to go to the available network option. 
  4. Then, click on the option named TCP/IP,  IP address or the Wi-Fi Status option, followed by the IP Address Settings option. 
  5. Now, you will find that your printer’s IP address is listed in this section. 

Solution 2: Windows Configuration

To search for a printer’s IP address in Windows OS, you need to go through the steps cited below. 

  1. Initially, tap on the Windows key and then enter the “Devices and Printers” option. 
  2. After that, hit the Enter key. 
  3. Navigate to the list of the displayed printers to open the printer whose IP address you want to find. 
  4. Go to that printer and then click on the Printer Properties option. 
  5. In the General tab, you will find the Location tab. From there you need to select the IP address.

    Note: If you are a Windows 10 user then choose the printer and then click on the Manage button. After that, navigate to the Printer Setting window and then select the Printer Properties option.

  6. Go to the Printer Properties window and then select the Ports tab. Sometimes, in the Port Listing option, you will find the printer’s IP address. 
  7. After that, tap on the Configure Port button. Sometimes, you will not find the IP address in the main window. 
  8. The System Info tab is located next to the DLL label and from there select the IP address. 

Solution 3: Command Prompt

You can easily find the printer’s IP address via the Command Prompt. For that, go through the steps that are mentioned below: 

  1. First, tap on the Windows key and then enter “cmd”. 
  2. After that, hit the Enter button. 
  3. Now, you will see that the Command Prompt window opens and then enter “netstat -r”. 
  4. Thereafter, tap on the Enter button. 
  5. Finally, you will find that a list of printers and other devices are connected to the Operating System. 

Solution 4: Router Access

If you want to locate your printer’s IP address, you need to go to the router’s Setup menu. After that, perform the following. 

  1. At first, locate any web browser and then sign in to the router account. 
  2. Go to the address bar and then enter 
  3. After that, tap on the Enter key. 
  4. When you are asked then type a username and the password. 
  5. After having access, go to the Local Network section to search the DHCP Client Table or any reference link.

    Note: This step varies depending on the router manufacturer. So, you need to consult with your router’s manufacturer website.

  6. Finally, navigate to the Client list and locate your printer to find its IP address. 

Hopefully, with the help of the above-mentioned procedures, you will be able to find a printer’s IP address.