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How to Fix canon pixma pro 100 flashing light error codes?

If you are trying to Setting up a brand new Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer, but during the print head alignment, although having a paper in the tray, you are getting this no paper error- an anomalous error message, canon pixma pro support code 1000 no paper.  At that moment, you don’t need to worry about it. To Fix canon pixma pro 100 flashing light error codes is not such a complicated situation for the user, especially via the help Canon Printer Support team, who are constantly prepared to help at ordinance help number. Thus, when the Canon Pixma Pro 100 Error Code 1000 happen while printing the records, at that point clients should make the fitting strides depicted on the blog, to dispose of this inconvenience. In the event that you are confronting a similar blunder, at that point take after the means to settle this mistake in a simple way. On the off chance that you are endeavoring to set up a spic and span Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer, yet amid the print head arrangement, despite the fact that having a paper in the plate, you are getting this no paper blunder a peculiar mistake message, bolster code 1000 no paper. Right then and there, you don’t have to stress over it.

To Fix Canon Pixma Pro 100 Error Code 1000 isn’t such a confused circumstance for the client, particularly by means of the assistance Canon Printer Support group, who are constantly prepared to help at ordinance help number. Thus, when the Canon Pixma Pro 100 Error Code 1000 happen while printing the records, at that point clients should make the fitting strides depicted on the blog, to dispose of this inconvenience. In the event that you are confronting a similar blunder, at that point take after the means to settle this mistake in a simple way.

Easy Way to Fix Canon Pixma Pro 100 flashing light error codes

Step 1:- Verify that Paper is Loaded Accurately
Initially, the clients guarantee that your paper is stacked appropriately or not. If not, at that point stacking the paper in the right way.
Step 2:- Ensure the Following When You Load Paper
Case 1:- In the Rear Tray
When stacking at least two sheets of paper, at that point clients need to take after the underneath given direction:-
a) Then clients guarantee that flip through the paper before stacking.
b) Then adjust the edges of the sheets previously stacking.
c) Make beyond any doubt that the paper stack does not surpass the paper stack restrain.
Notwithstanding everything, may be legitimate bolstering of paper unrealistic at this most extreme limit contingent upon the sort of paper or natural conditions (either high or low temperature or moistness). In sort of circumstance, the clients need to lessen the sheets of paper you stack at an opportunity to not as much as half of the paper stack confine.
d) Every time stack the paper in representation introduction, paying little mind to the printing introduction.
Case 2:- In the Manual Feed Tray
When you stack the paper, stack one sheet at any given moment. When you print constantly, set the following paper after the last one is done printing.
Step 3:- Verify Paper That You Are Printing ON
At that point you need to guarantee to check whether the paper you are imprinting on isn’t too thick or twisted.
Step 4:- Make beyond any doubt of the accompanying when you stack Hagakis or envelopes.
• If a (“hagaki” term allude to paper measure) is twisted, it may not sustain appropriately while the paper stack doesn’t surpass the paper stack constrain.
• Load the size with a postal district segment descending.
• When imprinting ON envelopes, allude to the Loading Paper, and after that make the envelopes previously printing.
• Once you have arranged the envelopes, at that point you have require to stack them in picture introduction. In the event that the envelopes are situated in scene introduction, at that point they won’t nourish appropriately.
Step 5:- Confirm That the Media Type
At that point the clients need to affirm that the media write and the paper estimate settings compare to the stacked paper.
Step 6:- Verify the Foreign Objects in the Rear Tray
In the subsequent stage, the clients need to guarantee that there are no remote protests in the back plate or manual bolster plate.
Case 1:- If the paper tears in the back plate or the manual encourage plate, at that point Paper Jams expel it.
Case 2:- If there are any remote protests in the back plate or manual nourish plate, at that point make certain to kill the printer, at that point unplug it from the power supply, and afterward evacuate the outside question.
Note: – Make beyond any doubt you require, if the nourish space cover is opened, at that point close it gradually.
Step 7:- Verify Disk Tray Completely Closed
Ensure that the circle plate control is shut totally.
The paper does not bolster legitimately if the plate direct is even somewhat open.
Step 8:- Clean the Paper Feed Roller
Finally, the clients need to clean the paper sustain roller.
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Fix Canon Printer Light Error

How to Fix Canon Printer Light Errors?

Error lights are a machine way of telling that something is wrong with your Canon Printer. When an internal error occurs, Canon Printer light flashes as a warning signal. There are many ways to fix Canon Printer Light Errors. An error light can signal any internal printing errors that hinders its functionality. An light error displays Canon printing errors like paper jam, out of paper or some internal mechanical errors.

It is important to understand each error lights significance for easy troubleshooting. Whenever you printer is bugged by an error, Alarm lamp flashes Orange light. These error lights are also supported by error messages, displayed on the screen.

Effective Procedures To Fix Canon Printer Light Errors Issue:

Here, you can find common error codes significance and effective ways to fix them. Each error codes has different ways of troubleshooting. Go through the solutions for such light errors codes to get rid of printing errors immediately. Repair Canon Printer light error issues with professional help with our online remote services.

For 2-3 Flash Errors:

2-3 flashes errors are for “Out of Paper” and “Paper Jam” respectively. To rectify these flash errors reload papers properly in the printer. And thus click on Resume or Cancel button on the printer.

For 4, 5,7 Flash Errors:

Flash error 4 and 7 shows that the ink tank is not installed in the correct position. 5 flash error stands for Print head is not installed properly. To fix this errors you need to reinstall the print head and ink tanks in their respective places. Hence click on Resume button to complete the process.

For 8, 13,14,15,16 Flash Errors:

These flash errors signifies “Ink tank cannot be recognized” or “Ink level cannot be detected”. To deal with such errors, replace the ink tank or install proper ink tank in the printer.

For 9,19 Flash Error:

When there is a communication connection between printer and computer, these flash errors pop up suddenly. in such cases, you need to establish a proper connection by replacing the USB cables or attaching them directly to computer.

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