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Try This Method to Get Rid of Canon Printer Error 5100

Canon products are designed to smoothen our lives and make it smarter. With the introduction of printers, it has won millions of hearts due to its high performance and durability. However, technical glitches can occur with electronic devices during the course of use. Many users have reported facing Canon Printer Error 5100 issue. If you are encountering the same, have a talk with our experts and get rid of the matter as soon as possible.

What causes error 5100 in Canon Printer?

There can be various reason why you are seeing such error codes on your screen. Check out the most probable causes for 5100 error in your Canon printer.

Frequent Paper Jamming Issues:

Paper jamming is one of the most common as well as annoying problems that arise in almost all Canon printers. This error is indicated by the popping up of an automatic error message with the particular code. You can also expect to see an orange light glowing with the error code 5100.

In that case, it is advisable to get some expert assistance to troubleshoot the error. Paper jamming is a common trouble that arises every now and then.

Ink Cartridge error:

Cartridges at times are a troublesome component of Canon printers that require expert assistance to fix. Ink cartridge plays an important role in delivering quality printing result. Thus, it needs to be fixed if you want to get a good quality prints. Ensure the ink cartridge is placed in proper position, else you may see error messages like “printer error 5100”.

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Resolve Error 5100 by availing smart Solutions

If your Canon Printer is showing Error 5100, it may lead to various added problems or no printing at all. Have a look at the solutions that our experts have provided to resolve the Canon printer error 5100 issue at once. Fixing the problem is easy, just follow the guidelines carefully without damaging your printer.

Solution 1: Paper jamming inside the machine
  • Firstly, turn off the machine and remove the paper from the Output slot
  • Now open the tray and the Document cover, you will see the paper is jammed in the front tray.
  • Push the lever to open the transport unit and carefully pull out the jammed paper and close the unit
  • Now reload the paper once again.
Solution 2: Replacing Cartridge
  • Turn off your printer and access the output tray.
  • Now open the paper output cover.
  • Remove the ink cartridge and replace it with a new one
Easy Remedies

To avoid the Canon printer error 5100 problems in future, perform these steps to keep your system updated and error-free.

  • Switch off your printer and turn it on after waiting a few minutes
  • Cleanse and clean the ink cartridge and put it back to its position
  • Delete all the junk files from your computer

Be careful if you have to open any hardware to handle the internal components of your Canon Printer. Also, make sure that you are cautions when working with the hardware. Handle the internal parts of your printer in a dry environment and keep out of reach of excess moisture and heat.

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