Easy Ways To Resolve Canon Printer Error 5b00

Canon printers are one of the most reliable printers in the market. They are quick and don’t cause much trouble. However, since the use of  Continuous Ink System, some of its models have started facing issues. One of the most common problems you may face with these models is Canon printer error 5b00.

There is no doubt that having a CIS or Continuous Ink System in your printer makes it more efficient and cost-effective. You get more prints for less price along with better quality.

But it has some disadvantages as well. If a regular cartridge prints 200 pages, CIS makes the printer exceed this number. Sometimes, it can also cause ink spillage in the printer, in turn, filling up the printer pads, resulting in 5b00 error in canon printers.

Canon printer error 5b00 might also be the result of error code 5105 which means ink cartridges are not fully seated in the printer. Here are a few solutions for troubleshooting this error with the Canon printer.

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 6502

Set Your Printer To Factory Setting

You can use this method to treat almost all errors across all the printers. Reverting your printer to its original settings is the ultimate solution for resolving Canon printer error 5b00.

Turn off your printer and hold down the stop or reset button. While you are holding down the stop button, press the power button of your printer and turn your printer on and off again. Release the stop button and press it twice in quick succession while still pushing the power button. Wait till you see rest on the screen. Now press the stop button five times consequently and quickly press the power button twice.

This should reset the printer to the factory settings, resolving the error.

Running The Printer In Service Mode

Running the Canon printer in service mode will make the ink absorber pad is empty for it rather than full. And if you can open your printer and clean the deposits of in, it will help you in fixing the issue. You can use napkins for this purpose.

Turn on your printer and press the menu button. For putting the Canon printer in service mode, first press Scan, then Copy and then again press the Scan button. Make sure you follow the exact order.

Now you will need to press the + keys and keep pushing it until you reach the option of counter access. When you see that option, press Ok and you will see a page counter showing the number of pages you have printed in total. Push Ok and then Copy button.

Lower the score to zero by pressing – button and press Ok. Now, use the + button again to get to the Scan Page count and set it to zero as well. navigate to the ABS-M DONT COUNT option and repeat the action as well, resetting back at zero. When you are done with that, press OK and then press the stop button. Now power off your printer and turn it back on.

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Other Method

Some of the users have reported a quick method that has worked for them. No harm in trying, is there?

To resolve  Canon printer error 5b00, hold down the power button while your printer Successively to the power. Now, in quick succession, press the cancel button six times and release all the buttons you are holding. Again, press the cancel button 5 times quickly, successively press the power button once. Now turn off the printer and then fire it up back.

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