Get Resolve Canon Printer Error 5200

Canon printers have become a favorite for millions of users across the world. These printers are suitable both for homes as well as office environments. However, Canon printers are not immune to technical errors. Canon Printer Error 5200 is one such error code that users face. Nonetheless, it is possible to find solutions to this error if you are familiar with some effective troubleshooting techniques.

Know All About Canon Printer Error Code 5200

This Canon printer error code is associated with the ink levels in your printer. The printer is supposed to make the black ink after combining all the remaining ink.  Oftentimes, it so happens that all the ink cartridges on your printer might get empty. In that case, a person might want to replace the black ink. Once you install the black ink, you might see this error code pop up.  

Another scenario might be that there’s been a discrepancy in the printhead temperature. The printhead might be faulty thereby causing this Canon Printer Error 5200.

Potential Solutions For Solving The Canon Printer Error Code

There are some measures that you can implement to eliminate the issue of Canon printers.  Below are some of those troubleshooting techniques.

Method 1

You can try to resolve this error code by first turning your printer off. After that, you will need to wait for at least 5 minutes. Then, you are supposed to turn it back on again.

Method 2

As an alternative solution, you can try to remove the cartridges. Then, you need to remove the printhead as well. After that, you are supposed to restart your Canon printer and install the printhead as well as the cartridges all over again.

Method 3

To opt for this method, you will have to first turn off the Canon printer. Then, you can press the ‘Stop’ button without releasing it for some time. In addition to that, you also need to press the ‘on’ button and hold it. In the next step, you should press the ‘stop’ button five times and then release both the buttons. Also, you will see the LCD screen go blank and the printer will reset. You will then need to ignore the message on your computer that computer has detected a new hardware. Lastly, you will have to turn off the printer and then again turn it back on to complete the process.

Method 4

In this method, you first have to turn your Canon printer off. After that, you need to hold down the ‘Reset’ as well as the ‘on’ button simultaneously. In the next step, you need to release the ‘Reset’ button, but hold down the ‘On’ button. After that, you should press the ‘reset’ button twice and then release the ‘On’ button. You will see the LCD screen flashing. After you press the reset button four times and the ‘on’ button twice, the printer is going to turn off. Lastly, you can turn your Canon printer back again to complete the process.

Contact The Tech Support Team Anytime:


In case you are not being able to solve Canon Printer Error 5200, help is within your reach. You can get in touch with the experts at Canon Customer Care Number to get rid of the issue. These are extremely dedicated and experienced professionals who are constantly bettering their skills.

You will be able to contact the tech support team in more than one way. Firstly, you can give them a call at the helpline number and let them know your technical problems. Additionally, you can also send them an email mentioning all the relevant details regarding the technical problem.Also, you will be able to chat with the executives by availing the live chat portal. Help is just a ping away!