Canon Pixma TS3320: Wireless All-in-One Printer

The Canon Pixma TS3320 is a wireless all-in-one printer that fulfils all the requirements of entry-level customers. It is basically made for home and small office uses. The device is easy to use and budget-friendly too. Currently, this printer is the first among all the other choices. 

A detailed review of this printer will help all the people who are willing to pick this printer for their personal or domestic use. As it is an ink-jet all-in-one printer, you can perform every task like printing, scanning, copying, and others. 

The Design 

The design is fantastic and very much attractive. Its control panel is located at the top of the printer and also on the left-hand side of the scanning area. There are a few physical buttons. Both of them are for initiating the wireless connection and joining with mobile devices. 

There are also two more additional buttons on the display. One is for accessing the settings and the other is for status information. The small 1.5-inch monochrome digital screen doesn’t have a backlit. So, you can face a little bit of difficulty while reading the items. 

The paper tray has the capacity of loading 60 sheets of paper at a time. This tray is located at the back of the unit. You can also add 20 additional sheets of paper to the tray. The printer doesn’t print on matte paper. But, it works just fine with a more exotic magnetic and re-stickable variety of paper. 

The Printing Speed

Canon Pixma TS3320 printer prints text document pages in just 43 seconds. Therefore, you can well understand that the actual printing speed is 7 pages per minute. Well, the speed is comparatively slower than that of other printers that print 9 pages per minute. When it comes to color printing, the printer is very slow. 

It takes nearly six minutes to print 4 pages that have a mixture of text and pictures. The other printers take only 2 to 3 minutes or the average rate is 3 pages per minute. However, color printing quality is glossy and realistic. 

Copying and Scanning Speed

The color copying speed is slow as compared to the other printers. It takes about 45 seconds to copy a color document. In the editor’s choice, the other Canon printers can copy a color document in just 16 to 18 seconds. Almost three times faster than Canon Pixma TS3320. 

If you want to take a print of a black and white copy, then it requires only 19 to 20 seconds. The average copying speed of the other canon printers is about 15 to 16 seconds. Whereas, the printer can print black and white documents in PDF format quickly and it takes about 11 seconds. 

The Quality of Output

The output quality is very good as well as sharp. In the case of text printing, the letter formation has soft edges like a beautiful ink spray around them. Compared to all the other Canon printers, the text documents look much sharper. In the case of picture prints, they have mid-tone smooth transitions, and also clearly visible. 

The color saturation is very natural with attractive graphics. Somehow, many users have reported that the color binding is mild with some edge distraction. When you will print color prints, you can see that the color exposure is great with perfect saturation. But in black and white print, some of the accuracies in dark areas are missing. 

Canon Pixma TS3320: Expensive or not?

The printer uses two ink cartridges. One is black and the other is the tri-colour cartridge. The ink quality is dye-based. When you want to buy inks, you need to know that there are three tiers of ink cartridges available. The cost of ink is a bit high. According to the user statistics, 16% of ink in text and 37% of ink in graphics are eliminated from the ink tank.