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How to Fix Canon Printer WIFI Setup Connection Errors?

New Models of the Canon Printer have an highlight feature gives amazing printer experienced by users, but often have an issue occur when Canon Printer WIFI Setup Connection Errors and get errors message. To Fix Canon Printer WIFI Setup Not Working Errors is such as challenging situation Connect +1-855-790-7845 Canon  Printer Technical Support To Fix Canon Printer WIFI Setup Not Working Errors is, for example, testing circumstance clients who not think about the specialized terms. Hence, when the Canon printer can’t identify on the system message amid Canon printer establishment, at that point clients need to change the remote settings to investigate your printer’s system association. Along these lines, in the event that you are confronting a similar issue, at that point take after the techniques that are offered underneath to just fix this issue. Or on the other hand you can approach with the Canon Printer Contact Number to get quick online assistance from capable specialists.

Steps to Fix Canon Printer WIFI Setup Connection Errors

Having trouble printing on WiFi? Then follow the below steps to change the wireless settings to troubleshoot your printer’s network connection.

Method 1:- Printer not detected, Test the Following Thing

Stage 1:- If your printer isn’t distinguished amid remote setup, watch that the remote LAN association is Active.

Stage 2:- If it is Active, yet IPv4 address is clear, it’s conceivable that an IP address has not been relegated despite the fact that the remote association is dynamic (see the beneath steps).

Strategy 2:- Perform the Troubleshoot Solution

Here is the conceivable arrangement, so please take after the means now to comprehend the issue.

On the off chance that the association is Active however there is no IP address recorded, have a go at following the means underneath to handicap IPv6 and Wireless DRX in the printer settings to check whether settle the issue.

Step 1:- Print Out the Settings

  • First, print out the settings
  • Press the Menu button (MX722 and MX922 only).
  • Now, choose “Setup” option, then press the “OK” button.
  • Then choose “Device settings”, and then press the “OK” button.
  • Next, use the arrow buttons in order to select “LAN settings”, then press the “OK” button.
  • Now, use the arrow buttons to choose “Confirm LAN Settings”, then press the “OK” button.
  • Then use the arrow buttons to choose “Print LAN Details”, then hit “OK” button.
  • Now you need to use the arrow buttons to choose “Yes” button. The LAN Details sheet will be printed.
  • Press the “OK” button to clear the message on the screen and return to “Confirm LAN settings”.

Step 2:-Disable the Wireless LAN DRX Setting

  • If this setting is enabled, you should disable it by following the steps below.
  • From the LAN Settings menu, you need to use the arrow buttons in order to select “Other settings”, then press the “OK” button.
  • Then use the arrow buttons to choose “Wireless LAN DRX setting”, then press the “OK” button.
  • Now it’s time to use the arrow buttons to select Disable, then press the “OK” button, and it will return you to “Other Settings” menu.

Step 3:-Disable the IPv6 Setting

If this setting is enabled, you should disable it by following the steps below.

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  • From the LAN Settings menu, you have to use the “up down arrow” buttons to scroll to “Other settings”, then press the “OK” button.
  • Then you need to scroll to “TCP/IP settings”, then press the “OK” button.
  • Next, scroll to “IPv6”, then press OK.
  • Then choose “Yes” button at confirmation screen [LAN communication may be disabled depending on your environment. Set this setting?], and then press the “OK” button.
  • Next, scroll to “Enable/disable IPv6”, and then press the “OK” button.
  • Now, choose “Disable” option, then press the “OK” button.
  • After then it will return you to IPv6 settings menu where you can press “MENU” to exit to the main menu.

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In case, if the error still persists even after performing the steps, then you should contact our Canon Printer Technical Support Number to connect with expertise for getting comprehensive solutions to fix it.

Dial Canon Printer Customer Service Helpline Number Now To Get Fixed All Issues:-

You can dial at Canon Printer Customer Service Number, which works 24×7 to your help. The number will fast connect you with our company team of the well-experienced and certified technicians. The proficient technicians will give you the precise instruction, and perfect solutions to fix this issue. You will grab the guaranteed and swift solutions to the Canon Printer technical problems within a less time. Hence, call this toll-free number now and get excellent support to fix further Canon Printer queries.


How to Connect Canon mg3620 Printer to Wi-Fi?

Canon MG3620 printers come with an advanced wireless system. Anyone sitting in any corner of their houses or offices may able to access this printer. Notably, this is the feature which makes it more user-centric. But many users out there are unable to connect Canon mg3620 printer Wi-Fi.

Although, Canon printers offer convenience and simplicity for all your printing soft copy information. You will get an app named  “Canon PRINT” available in Play store which helps you to connect the printer with your mobile. Due to this, it has become easier to print photos, documents and important files from your mobile devices. It includes a few features like:

  • Easy-photo print
  • Hybrid link system
  • Air print
  • Enhanced resolution

Despite all these features, users are unable to connect the printer WiFi. Are you one of them? Is this the same issue that is bothering you much?

Fortunately, we have got a fix that shall be easy and effective for you. Thus, all you need to do is go through this article to connect Canon MG3620 printer Wi-Fi.

Over the years, Canon has developed cable free Wi-Fi printers. Now it is easier to connect Canon mg3620 Printer to Wi-Fi through the simple easy process. Like other Canon PIXMA series, mg3620 Canon Printer has also abled Wi-Fi wireless network technology. With the inclusion of this feature, having shared printing experience is easier than before. Wi-Fi Printing works incredibly while sharing a printer in a large organization or home. With the help of Home Group, anyone can have network printing experience. You can also use Google Cloud Print to print any documents from anywhere.

Connecting Canon Printer to Wi-Fi is not at all troubling one. Using WPS, one can establish an automatic connection.

Effective Process to Connect Canon mg3620 Printer to Wi-Fi

By switching to network printing, you can get rid of the headache cables and USBs. Here you can find the best possible solution to connect Canon mg3620 printer to Wi-Fi. Follow the procedures in an exact manner to utilize wireless network printing experience. Now Setup Canon Printer with Wi-Fi with the help of our online remote services from anywhere anytime.

  • First of all, press the B button when the Wi-Fi light in the printer starts to blink.
  • Secondly, you need to press and hold down the Wi-Fi Button. Continue doing so until and unless the ON light flashes.
  • Now press the Wi-Fi button after pressing the color button. Check whether the Wi-Fi light is flashing or not. Also, check the ON light is lit or not.
  • Now to progress further, install the driver and software.
  • Next, you need to start setup program by inserting the CD software and browsing the CD-ROM folder.
  • Now run the exe. File to progress the installation process.
  • Next, you need to click on Start Setup Button followed by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Now choose Wireless LAN Connection under Select Connection Method followed by clicking on Next.
  • In the popped up window, Choose Connect via Wireless Router and thus click on Next.
  • Next click on Next on Check Power Screen window.
  • Select your Printer on Printer on Network list followed by clicking on Next.
  • A Connection Completed screen will appear. Click on Next to proceed further.
  • Click next on Setup Complete Screen.
  • Finally, Software Installation list will appear. Choose the software and click on Next.
  • Now click on Exit on Installation Completed Successfully window to complete the setup process.
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Dial +1-855-790-7845 Canon Customer Service Number for 24*7 Customer Supports:

If you have already done with the above methods and still you are encountering connection issues on your printer, then the smart choice is to connect with professionals. If you are looking for reliable tech support, then you can get in touch with us.

We are one of the best tech support team when it comes to Canon printer issues. Our team of experienced and qualified engineers excels at resolving such issues. Apart from this, they deal with Canon printers issues on a regular basis. This is how they know how to troubleshoot such issues shortly. charge a reasonable price for our services.

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You can place a call at our Canon Printer Support number and ask for the solutions. Our expert team will talk to you and provide you with the best possible solutions. They always offer problem-specific troubleshooting methods to fix the issue.

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If you encounter any network issue, while placing a call, then chat with us and ask for the process to connect Canon mg3620 printer Wi-fi. Our team of engineers will get back to you with appropriate solutions in no time.

Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error code 6500

How to Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500?

If your Canon printer 6700 is showing error code 6500. Or if you have tried switching off, and cleaning the print heads and do many things, but to no avail any conclusion? Then don’t worry about it. Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500 is not such a rocket science for printer users, even it can solve efficiently by just trying to some troubleshooting solutions. Many users have experienced the same error and easily solve out by applying the easy solutions, that provided by the Canon Printer Support team. Therefore, the Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500 refers to “other hardware error”. This error results from printer hardware failure & nothing much can the user do instead of replacing the malfunctioning hardware. Well, the error code 6500 is a logic board error code. The PCI Bus error is detected by the ASCI. Sounds like it needs a new logic board. But the best suggestion you to, first of all, you can try to reset your printer. Then follow the below mentioned to fix the issue in an easy and efficient manner.


Step to Fix Canon Printer 6700 Error Code 6500

Solution 1:- Turned On Canon Printer

  • Turn Off the power of the Canon printer with the “Power” button.
  • Then disconnect the data cable from the printer.
  • Next, unplug the Canon printer’s power cord for 11-12 minutes, and then plug it back in.
  • Then turn the Canon printer back on. If this works you’re done, if not try the next step.

Solution 2:- Reset the Canon Printer

  • Open the paper output tray.
  • Then open the top cover and wait until the print head moves to the center.
  • Next, open the inner cover and then verify that ink tanks are properly seated.
  • After verifying the ink tank properly seated, you need to press down on each ink tank until a click is heard.
  • Then close the inner cover and top cover, and then turn the printer off.
  • Power on the printer.

Now try to do your work again and check the error still appear.

If reset method does not work for you then you go for the new logic board replacement. Take the Canon Printer Customer Support team for immediate help.

Dial Canon Printer Helpline Number To Avail Online Help


You can dial Canon Printer Helpline Phone Number anytime from anywhere and receive finest online assistance with the help of the talented and experienced Canon Customer support experts. This number is a toll-free and available 24×7/365 day for your help. The proficient techies will get you the best possible troubleshooting instructions and swift solutions to fix Canon printer issues or errors. Hence, call on the toll-free number and get prompt help & support for further Canon printer queries.


Fix Canon Printer Light Error

How to Fix Canon Printer Light Errors?

Error lights are a machine way of telling that something is wrong with your Canon Printer. When an internal error occurs, Canon Printer light flashes as a warning signal. There are many ways to fix Canon Printer Light Errors. An error light can signal any internal printing errors that hinders its functionality. An light error displays Canon printing errors like paper jam, out of paper or some internal mechanical errors.

It is important to understand each error lights significance for easy troubleshooting. Whenever you printer is bugged by an error, Alarm lamp flashes Orange light. These error lights are also supported by error messages, displayed on the screen.

Effective Procedures To Fix Canon Printer Light Errors Issue:

Here, you can find common error codes significance and effective ways to fix them. Each error codes has different ways of troubleshooting. Go through the solutions for such light errors codes to get rid of printing errors immediately. Repair Canon Printer light error issues with professional help with our online remote services.

For 2-3 Flash Errors:

2-3 flashes errors are for “Out of Paper” and “Paper Jam” respectively. To rectify these flash errors reload papers properly in the printer. And thus click on Resume or Cancel button on the printer.

For 4, 5,7 Flash Errors:

Flash error 4 and 7 shows that the ink tank is not installed in the correct position. 5 flash error stands for Print head is not installed properly. To fix this errors you need to reinstall the print head and ink tanks in their respective places. Hence click on Resume button to complete the process.

For 8, 13,14,15,16 Flash Errors:

These flash errors signifies “Ink tank cannot be recognized” or “Ink level cannot be detected”. To deal with such errors, replace the ink tank or install proper ink tank in the printer.

For 9,19 Flash Error:

When there is a communication connection between printer and computer, these flash errors pop up suddenly. in such cases, you need to establish a proper connection by replacing the USB cables or attaching them directly to computer.

Hurry! Dial Canon Printer Support Phone Number for Further Information:


To know more about these flash errors, connect with Canon Printer Support Phone Number. We are here 24*7 to provide you clear view on this error. We are a group of highly qualified and expert technicians aim to deliver comprehensive support to every customer related queries. Our sole purpose is to deliver analyzed support to even minor to minor issues in less time possible. Hence dial the toll free number now and try the professional technical support services for all complex Canon light errors.