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Canon Pxima MP258 Error Code e08

How to Fix Canon Pixma MP258 Error Code e08?

When the Canon Pixma MP258 is turned on, often it appears error code E08. Fix Canon Pixma MP258 Error Code e08 is very important for users to smooth working, which indicating The Ink Absorber is Almost Full”. The error means that the ink counter registered the waste ink absolvedores have mixed so the canon suggests printer with a manufacturer authorized technical assistant. Getting help from the certified and experienced canon tech support team of our company would be a great support to users to get out this trouble. The technicians have suggested the best option to solve this problem, via reset the waste ink counter. So, if you are facing the same issue, then you have to reset the waste ink counter to remove Error Code e08 easily.

Steps to Fix Canon Pixma MP258 Error Code e08

Here are defined the simple steps that how to Reset Canon MP287 error E08 in an easy manner. Follow these steps.

Step 1:- Turn on the Canon Printer

Turn on the Printer, then the Canon MP287 LCD panel error E08 MP287 will appear, and there is a description of “The Ink Absorber is Almost Full” at your monitor.

Step 2:- Download the Resetter MP287

Next, you need to download the Resetter MP287. As you can navigate the below defined link to download the Resetter.

Step 3:- Printer must be in a state of Service Mode

Canon MP287 Printer has to be in a State of SERVICE MODE.

Step 4:- Turn off the E08 error by pressing the power button.

Turn off Canon MP287 error E08 that by pressing the “Power” button. Do not unplug the power cable

Step 5:- Press and Hold the button Stop/Reset 

Press and hold the “STOP/RESET’ button followed by pressing the “POWER” button. So both buttons depressed position.

Off the button “STOP/RESET” but don’t lose “POWER” button.

Step 6:- Press the STOP/RESET button

In the conditions, the “POWER” button still depressed, press the “STOP/RESET” button as much as 6 times.

Step 7:- Release the button Stop/Reset Only

Then release both Stop/Reset buttons at the same time. Then Canon MP287 will be in Service Mode.

Now, LCD Panel will be blank/dark and on your computer will detect new hardware. Ignore it.

Step 8:- Extract and Run Service Tool for MP287

In the next step, you have to run the Service Tool.

Step 9:- Click on “Set” Option

Then select the “Main” menu in the “absorber & Platen” and then click “SET” next to his right

Next Canon MP287 Printer error E08 who will be back to normal.

In this way, you can easily solve the Canon Pixma MP258 Error Code e08.

In case, the error still exists, then you should do instant connection with the Canon support team at dialing canon printer phone number to get a fast response.

Contact at Canon Customer Care Number to Get Urgent Help

Canon printer tech support phone number is accessible 24×7 days to your help, which speedily connect you with a team of proficient and certified expert. They are always available to deliver your fast replies and prompt online support. The highly skilled and proficient technicians will give you the best troubleshooting solutions to fix the Canon printer technical issues or errors. Thus, you will grab the finest, reliable and swift solutions to the Canon printer problems. Hence, call now on a toll-free number and acquire quick response & answers to Canon Printer queries.

Fix Canon Printer Error Code U162

How to Fix canon pixma printer error u163?

It is crucial to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U162 when an error occurs when the printer fails to detect inking level or printer assume that no ink in the cartridge. The Error Code U162 error means that the remaining ink in the cartridge is unknown. This can happen with a new Canon cartridge, that isn’t being read properly by the printer, but is more likely to appear when using a re manufactured Canon cartridge. Even though the re manufactured cartridge has been fully refilled with ink, the chip, which tells the printer how much ink is remaining, can’t be reset. When the code appears on your computer/Printer screen you can’t use print, copy, scan, and fax function. Then it’s recommended for you to clear the Error Code U162 by applying the best troubleshooting solutions, as those recommended by the Canon Printer Customer Service professionals. Follow the given steps to solve the error in an efficient way.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code U162:-

Solution 1:- Hold the STOP/RESET Button

To clear this error hold the “STOP/RESET” button on your printer for 5-6 seconds or more and the error will clear. Wait until it self-restart. Release the “STOP/RESET” button when the printer is restarting. This process clears the error and you will be able to print or copy again.  Even though the error has been cleared the printer will not display the proper ink levels because the chip in the cartridge cannot be reset.

Solution 2:-Replace Ink Cartridge

When this error occurs means your printer fails to detect inking level or printer assume that no ink in the cartridge. At that time, you can’t use print, copy, scan, and fax function before the problem fixed. It’s recommended for you to replace the ink cartridge. To continue using the printer without replacing the cartridge you must deactivate ink level detection function. Be aware that printing in this condition can damage the printer while sending fax or scan is not a problem.

If this solution is not working to fix the error, then go to the next solution.

Solution 3:- Replace the Void ink Cartridges with OEM Cartridges

Canon Printer Error Code u162 is typically a Check Ink Error that mostly appears on the screen when 1 or 2 ink cartridges inside the printer has run out of ink. To fix Canon Printer Error Code u162, one needs to completely replace the void ink cartridges with OEM cartridges.

I hope your issue will be fixed, after performing the above steps.

But still the error exists, then connect with canon help desk for getting immediate help.

Call Now at Canon Printer Service Center Number For Immediate Help:-

Get in touch with Canon Customer Support Number to fix Canon Printer technical difficulties. A team of well-qualified and qualified experts is available 24×7 days for your help. The technicians will give you comprehensive solutions & steps to fix the issues. By, connecting the proficient techies, you will grab the cost-effective and hasty solutions to fix other kinds of Canon printer technical mishaps in a short time. Hence, for more details call us now.

Fix canon Printer error 5700

Canon Printer Error 5700

As you are unable to print as you receive the message Error 5700 on PC system. To Fix Canon Printer Error 5700 as the message being display on your computer system screen and printer display as well. The error displayed on Canon Printer number means sheet feeder needs to be replaced, it can be that gears in the printer and/or sensor have become broken or faulty. 5700 is a ASF cam error most likely which is called ASF cam sensor error. When this occur the gears cannot rotate properly causing grinding noise and 5 alternative blinks (SFP). Canon Printer are named brand which easily don’t get technical affected. Canon Printer are manufactured by one of the leading manufacture across the globe and among the most used.

Canon Printer when meets with technical failure need to get it fixed under the qualified, skilled and capable technicians. In order to connect with technicians you need to call on Canon Printer technical Support Phone Number to avail the best of support solution. Varieties of printer are available from the Canon such as Laser, Inkjet, and PIXMA, MAXIFY and etc.

Steps to troubleshoot Error 5700 Canon Printer

Step 1: Begin with the removal of the Left and Right Covers and the Main Case Unit which is main cover

Step 2: Next is to remove the 4 mounting screws from the Chassis.

Step 3: Now you need to remove the Main Unit from the Bottom Case.

Step 4: Try turning the Main Unit over (upside down) and place on work surface.

Step 5: Next is to need you’re inspecting the ASF section of the Main Unit for a gap between the white plastic guide and the Chassis. The size of the gap varies. Even if the gap is not visible, complete the steps below.

Step 6: Now Disc connects the appropriate cables and remove the Logic Board from the Chassis.

Step 7: Loosen and should do not remove the 4 mounting screws (the mounting screws can be found behind the logic board) on the Chassis.

Step 8: Re-seat the white plastic guide so it sits flush against the Chassis. The tip of the white plastic guide should sit slightly inside the mounting screw hole. When the things are settled or seated correctly, the gap will no longer be present.

Step 9: You must also tighten the 4 mounting screws without causing any damage to plastic guide to shift.

Step 10: Reassemble the printer and retest.

For Online Remote Assistance Call on Canon Printer Customer Support Number +1-855-790-7845

In order to resolve the Canon Printer error 5700, the troubleshooting approached above would work in case of either of the scenarios. If the problem persists, then contact Canon Printer Support Number @+1-855-790-7845 (toll-free) who are available 24*7 to give you online remote assistance to solve your queries. You can drop an email to customer support email id address or have live chat with our skilled, capable and experienced technicians. Wait no more and get the proper technical assistance for fixing the canon printer error.

Fix Canon MX850 Error 6A00

How to Fix Canon PIXMA MX850 Error 6A00?

The Error 6A00 is a typical error code that appears on every Canon PIXMA MX850 Printers. This error code is a generic code for paper path jam. To fix Canon PIXMA MX850 Error 6A00, you need to perform the procedure below.

Canon Printers in general is one of the most reliable and user friendly multifunctional printing device. But sometime some error bugs the normal function and disturbs users. This error in general appears in the purges of the printer. This error issue appears when something debris struck or block the print head. This error 6A00 is the reason of any error crashing the device printing mechanism. Canon Printer Error 6A00 signifies more or like a hardware error.

Effective Steps to Troubleshoot Canon PIXMA MX850 Error 6A00:

Troubleshooting this error is easier than you think. Go through the down mentioned procedure to get rid of this error with immediate effect. You can also connect with our Canon Printer Help services for more genuine solutions.

  • Unplug printer from the wall outlet and place the print head in the centre of the printer.
  • Check the space where purging or sponges to the ink reservoir is located in the right side of the printer.
  • Use isopropyl alcohol to remove any fluff or dirt like object in the car.
  • Now thoroughly check the printer side to notice abnormality due to vibration.
  • Other than that, you can buy compressed air to clean and remove any lint that affects the printer.

Use little napkin and alcohol for cleaning using the following process:

  • If any sponges are left inside instead, purge printer or clean pads.
  • Check for the belt bites which can jam the carriage
  • Now grease and do it the right material the carrier had print head

By applying the above mentioned steps, one can resolve the error in minimal time possible. Though these above procedures are enough to solve this issue but if not so, skip to next step. Connect with Canon technical team for instantaneous help.

Dial Canon Printer Technical Support Number for Immediate Help


Get in touch with Canon Printer Technical Support number to get reliable information. We are available 24*7 to solve complex to complex canon issues. Any Canon printer related issues faced by users are taken care of by our expert team. Hence call now to talk to our professional tem for comprehensive solution.

Fix Canon Printer error Code 1702

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702?

It’s a simple process of Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702 which generally cause when the ink absorber is almost full. So, if you have an issue with your Canon Printer, which shows up Error 1702, then don’t panic. This error message indicates the ink absorber is full. Your printer has an ink absorber which takes in ink during the printing and print head cleaning operation. Over the life of the printer, the amount of ink that the ink absorber has absorbed is calculated by the printer. Eventually, after substantial use, the printer will enter an error condition when the ink absorber is almost full/completely full. To protect the printer from damage, you will not be able to print at all once the ink absorber is full. Then don’t worry about anything, you just need to follow the steps which given below to fix this issue. Also, you can contact to Canon Printer technical support number to lineup with experts to get comprehensive guidance for this.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 1702

Solution 1:- Press “OK” to Continue Printing

When you get Canon Printer Error Code 1702, while you’re working. Then it’s suggestion for you to run a press the machine’s “OK” button to continue printing.

If you are unable to print or connect to your Canon Printer in your Windows computer, then go to the next solution.

Solution 2:- Resetting the Waste Ink Absorber

Resetting the waste ink absorber on a Canon printer can resolve some error codes that appear when turning it on. Follow these steps:-

  • Make sure the Canon Printer is turned OFF.
  • Then press and hold the “Resume” button (triangle inside a circle).
  • Whilst it is held down, hold down the “Power” button. Then the green led light should come on.
  • Keep the “Power” button held down. Release the “Resume” button and then press it twice. The light should go amber, and then green again.
  • Then release the “Power” button.
  • Next, press the “Resume” button four times and then press the “Power” button and straight after to confirm the selected action (Reset Counter Absorber).
  • Then you turn off the printer and then turn it on again. Start your task.
  • If printing is in progress and is able to continue printing, then it’s ok. Else, go to the next solution.
Solution 3:- Replacing the Ink Absorber

The waste ink pad has become full and needs to be replaced to get everything back to alright. You will have to order new waste ink pads from Canon and replace accordingly to get everything back to alright.

Replacing the ink absorber is a complicated and potentially messy procedure. Even if the ink absorber is successfully changed, the ink absorber counter must be reset. It’s not recommended for you to replace the waste ink absorber tank.

If you want, you can also take the help of our Canon Printer Customer Service Experts to replace it at your doorstep at cost-effective rates.

I hope your issue is fixed, after perfume the above solutions.

If you need any help with the above solution, then you can contact at canon printer customer service phone number and get help from Canon customer support experts for getting instant assistance.

Dial Canon Customer Care Number To Get 24×7 Help

You can phone at Canon Customer Service Phone Number which is toll-free and works round the clock. The number will easily connect with a team of skilled and qualified technical support experts. They are well experienced and remain ready for 24×7 hours help the customers to fix Canon Printer issues. The technicians will analyze the problem of the user and after having the full analysis of the problem they will provide a best possible solution so that the users don’t need to worry about anything about Canon printer technical errors or problems. Hence, you just have to call our toll-free number and connect with tech experts that will handle your Canon printer mishaps and provide the finest solutions in a less time.


How to Fix Canon Printer Not Responding Error?

A printer is a base for making hard copies in different work sectors and even for personal use. Printer Serves the purpose of printing and scanning of your documents from your system. It allows you to print and scan your documents from everyday work. However, often people get stuck with different error messages and problems with the printer. They often report on the issue of the printer not responding.

However, if you are finding any difficulty with your printer don’t worry this article will help you resolve your problem.

Most users prefer Canon printers as they come with multiple features. For instance, it supports USB v2.0 and different operating systems like Windows 7,8,10 and also Mac OS X. Being an electronic device, it comes with some flaws too. Sometimes, you may encounter the “Printer not Responding” error in your Canon printer.

Difficulties That User Faces With Printer Not Responding

The printer is a daily requirement for people working in different work sectors. It gets really annoying if your printer is stuck at work and your Workload is increasing at every moment. Often people find it hard to solve the issue, because it may arise from a lot of technical problem and glitches. There are no alternative options to the printer. People may find it hard to solve the issue, but often it occurs from some common mistakes. Like, sometimes people forget to check for the USB cable plugin, or they might have forgotten to Plug-in the printer power cable plug. In this cases, choosing a stepwise procedure to diagnose the problem would be wise.

It may also occur if you have made the wrong settings on your system during the installation procedure. Check for any possible errors at the front and then move on step by step.


Why is your Canon printer not responding?

There are numerous reasons behind this standard printer error. Sometimes, you may notice that your printer is unable to print the documents. This happens due to loose connections between your system and the printer. And, if it is a wireless model, then check whether the wifi is enabled or not. At times, the printer driver becomes corrupted or was not installed properly. Also, you may encounter certain messages claiming that your printer is running out of ink even if there is an ample supply.

How to fix Canon printer not responding error?

We are suggesting you some primary methods which will help you to resolve the Canon printer error.

Method 1: For Canon Wireless Printer

If you are using Wireless Canon printers, then the error occurs mainly due to communication problems. The below-mentioned steps will help you to sort out the issue quickly.

  • First, press the Setup button of your printer
  • In the next step, go to Wireless LAN setup and then press OK
  • After that, select Easy Setup and again press OK
  • Then, go for the Access point
  • Next, give the WiFi password and press OK
  • Insert the Setup disk in the computer

Method 2: Check Print Spooler service

Sometimes, you may forget to start the Print Spooler service. It must be activated before you begin the printing session.

For this, you have to go to the Start menu and click on it. A search box will open where you will type Services. After that, select the Print Spooler option. And then select properties.

Method 3: Turn on Network Discovery

Mostly, your printer does not respond due to Network Discovery issues. It is a network setting which enables your computer to see other devices connected with it.

  • Select the Start button
  • Then, click on Control Panel
  • After that, select Network and Internet
  • Then, choose Network and Sharing Centre
  • There, click on Advanced Sharing settings
  • If the Network Discovery is Off, click the radio button which will turn on the Network discovery

Get in touch with us for excellent solutions in your budget

Hope the above-mentioned methods will help you resolve the issue. If you are still facing the problem, then we encourage you to connect with us.

We are one of the best tech support teams when it comes to troubleshooting Canon printer errors. Our team of engineers is well experienced and highly qualified. They will provide you with the best possible solutions in no time. More importantly, they never compromise the quality of services they provide.

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Dial Canon Printer Support Number USA +1-855-790-7845 (toll-free):-

Canon Printer Support

You can place a call at our customer support number. You can talk to our engineers and discuss the issues. They will provide you with the most appropriate solutions. Our call service is available 24×7 for your assistance.

Additionally, you can mail us your queries regarding Canon printer errors, and our professionals will analyze the problem and get back to you with proper solutions in no time.

You can also reach us through our live chat service. Our pool of dedicated engineers will help you with long-term solutions in your budget.  

No matter what the issue is, our engineers have in-depth knowledge regarding all Canon Printer Support problems. Therefore, register your complaint and allow us to troubleshoot the printer not responding error in the least amount of time.


How to Fix Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10?

Canon printers are the most widely recognized printing devices that offer flawless printing at an affordable price. But along with time, every technology has to go through a few technical difficulties. So if your Canon printer is in an error state, you are not the only one facing this problem. There are other users who are struggling with the same issue and looking for an expert assistance.

That is the reason our Canon Printer Support has come up with a few details regarding the matter. You can read this article thoroughly and find out some probable causes for this error. We have also provided some effective solutions to fix this problem instantly. So you can handle this trouble on your own.

Windows 10 is a solid operating system. Not every Canon Printers are compatible with this operating system. To fix Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10, we have set out some possible solutions in this blog. Older Canon Devices seem to work abnormally after upgrading to Windows 10. Check Canon Printer’s model that goes with the upgraded software before upgrading. It might be possible, even after being in the list; you might face some sort of errors. In such a situation, you need an effective troubleshooting procedure to deal with those errors.

The Printer Is In An Error State – Know How To Deal With It

Despite offering wonderful features, the Canon printer users still have to come across a few technical glitches. And removing them on your own is quite difficult without a proper technical assistance. It is because the error codes can leave you clueless as it doesn’t reflect the specific problem.

Let’s have a look at some of the error codes that you might encounter frequently:

  • “E02″ Error
  • Error 5200
  • Error Code 5100
  • Printer Driver Errors
  • Printer Error Code “6000”

In case you are getting any of these error codes on your Canon printer, its high time that you fix it immediately. In that case, you can either get in touch with our Canon Printer Support team or you can follow the instructions we have mentioned below.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printer in Error State Windows 10

It is common that your older peripheral printing device is not working on Windows 10. Try out the below-mentioned solution and get rid of those error with immediate effect.

Solution 1: Canon Printer not working in Windows 10

First of all, turn on your printer and connect it with your PC properly. Now check if your printer is working properly or not. If there is an issue with the printer after upgrading Windows 10:

  • Try utilizing the “Printing Troubleshooter” which is provided by Microsoft.
  • If the issue still persists, replace the old driver with the new one compatible with Windows 10.

But before installing the new drivers, uninstall the one that is already installed in your device. To uninstall the already installed driver, follow the steps:

  • Click on Start to open “Devices and Printers”
  • Now Select Canon Printer from the popped window.
  • After selection, click on Remove Device to uninstall the printer.

Now reinstall the updated drivers from printer’s manufacturer site. Follow the instructions to update the Drivers of your Printer.

Solution 2: No Printer Drivers to be found for Windows 10

Sometimes, there might not be any available updated drivers for your printer that will be compatible to Windows 10. In such cases, you can try Windows 8 Printer Drivers as that may work. Uninstall the existing driver and click on the .exe file to install the printer driver again. You can also avail Canon Printer Technical Support services for immediate help.

Solution 3: The older printer driver is not be found

After updating Windows 10, if your printer is detected but cannot find any Drivers to install, follow the down mentioned steps:

  • Click on “The Printer I Want is not listed” and thus select the option “My printer is a little older. Help me find it”
  • Now click on Next which will allow Windows 10 to search for connected printer again. After doing all, install the printer using compatible drivers.

As installing updated printer driver is the solution to most of the errors of Canon Printer, make sure you do it carefully.

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Dial +1-855-790-7845 Canon Customer Service Number for 24*7 Customer Supports:

Canon Printer Support

In case still, your printer is in an error state, let us know. Our Canon Technical Support team is available round the clock at your disposal to provide the best effective solutions for you. There are three different modes how you can get in touch with us.

Talk To Us

Straightaway, you can give us a call at our Canon printer support number and share your printing glitches.

Chat With Us

On the other hand, you can connect with us through our Canon Support chat portals and communicate with us regarding your Canon printer trouble.

Drop Us An Email

You can also send us an email anytime mentioning your exact concern. We will get back to you as soon as possible with all the necessary information as per your requirements.

So get in touch with us and settle down your Canon printer troubles with our round the clock assistance.


How to Canon Printer Error Code 5b02?

Many Canon Printer users, searches the solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5b02, to get rid the worrisome situation. Well, the error indicates that the Waste Ink Absorber is full. Because the printer doesn’t see the sponge absorber, it just counts the number of prints and when a set number is reached, the error code is triggered and the printer locks up. To clear the error then, all you have to do is to reset the counter, but if you do not take care of the sponge, the printer will start leaking ink from the bottom (may be months before you see this). Then don’t worry about it, if you are unable to solve this issue by your ends. Just contact at Canon Printer Tech Support Number to connect with professionals, and get instant help & service to remove the error.

Therefore, here’s, defined two possible methods for resetting Error Code 5b02 in Canon Printer:-


Methods to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5b02:-

First Method:-

Before starting the procedure, from the “Service Tool”, make sure that have paper loaded, then follow these steps now.

Step 1:-Select “Region” Option

Go to “Set Destination” section, and then hit the drop-down arrow (JPN) in front of “Region”, and then select “USA” option. Then click “Set” option (you get “The function is fished)

Step 2:- Hit Set-Printer Prints One Sheet

Then, go to “Clear Ink Counter”, and then click the drop-down arrow (Main) in front of Absorber: and then choose “Main-Black”, and then hit “Set” option (The printer prints one sheet).

Step 3:- Hit Set-Printer Prints One Sheet Another Sheet

Next, you will need to go to the “Ink Absorber Counter” section, and then click the drop-down arrow (Main) in front of “Absorber”, and then select “Main-Black”, and then hit “Set” option (The printer prints one sheet another sheet).

Step 4:- Click “EEPROM” Option

Go to “EEPROM” section, and the printer prints one sheet.

Step 5:- Select “Auto” Option

Now you need to click “Auto” on the top right of the “Service Tool Window”.

Step 6:- Click “Test” Print

After that do a simple click “Test Print”, and then wait until all is done.

Then restart the printer and you should be good to print again.

Second Method:-

The following instructions will enable the user to perform the reset mentioned above.

Step 1:- Unplug the Power Cable Of Canon Printer

First, unplug the power from the Canon printer and all connections (including USB to the PC as well).

Step 2:- Hold the “Start” Button

Next, press and hold the “Start” button while plugging the power back into the printer.

Step 3:- Press the “Resume” Button

While still holding the “Start” button, press the “Resume” button twice (which then allows for Removal of Ink Cartridges (if you are past the limit otherwise leave them in).

Step 4:- Repeat Steps

Now you need to do to repeat Step 1 and then repeat Step 2 above.

Step 5:- Resume Button

Then you need to press the “Resume” button 4 times (note that the light will only blink the first two times of the four times that you press the button)

Step 6:- Check Error Is Fixed

The error should now have cleared so that you can use the printer.

After performing all the above steps, your Canon Printer Error Code 5b02 will surely fix.

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In any case, the problem still appears, and then you must take Canon customer service experts help in contacting Canon Customer Service Number.

Avail 24×7 Online Help, Dial Canon Customer Support Number Now


Get in touch with canon printer technical support to join with a team of dedicated and brilliant Canon customer support professionals. This number is toll-free and available 24×7/365 days to give you quickly help & support to your Canon printer technical issues. The experienced technicians will help you in resolving any kind of complicated or complex Canon technical errors/issues with the reliable and optimized solution in a less time. Hence, connect now with experts to get instantaneous help.


How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 2, 140, 21 (2)

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 2, 140, 21?

Canon Printer Error Code 2, 140, 21 generally appears while setting up a scanner. To fix Canon Printer Error Code 2,140, 21, one needs to go to the ground of the issue. Canon Printers are one of the most dependable and multi-functional devices. It helps in scanning several documents into a single PDF file. This Error Code occurs when a user connects the printer to a wireless router and downloads Canon IJ Utility to scan many documents. The Error code 2, 140, 21 comes up with an error message: “Printer is in use or an error has occurred. Check status. Scanner driver will be closed “. The procedure to troubleshoot this error message is quite easy and simple.

Effective Solutions to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error Code 2, 140, 21

Here, we have discussed the solutions to troubleshoot this error in the meantime possible. Follow the below-mentioned solutions and rectify the error code on your own. To know more about the process, connect with our Canon Printer Technical Support team.

Solution1: Stopping the Printing Process:

Step1: Click on the Start button and navigate to Control Panel. And thus select Devices.

Step2: As the Devices window pops out, click on Printer.

Step3: Now, at last, click on “Stop Printing” to stop the printing process.

Solution2: Complete Checking Up of Printer

Step1: Reinstall the driver of the Printer.

Step2: Clean the cartridges with a wet cotton cloth.

Step3: Press down the reset button for more than 5 seconds.

Solution 3: Replacing the Ink Cartridges

Sometimes the error might relate to faulty ink cartridges. To debug this error, it is necessary to replace the ink cartridges. Install a Canon Ink Cartridge and get rid of this error in less time and effort.

By applying any of the above procedures, one can troubleshoot this error with ease. In case, if you still face this error issue, it is better to take professional help to deal with this error.

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Call at Canon Printer Technical Support Number to get Instantaneous Help

If the issue still persists, it is better to connect with our technical experts at Canon Printer Technical Support Number. Our technical team is available 24*7 to provide comprehensive support to all. For any technical glitches, we deliver impenetrable services to Canon printer related issues. our well skilled and expert technical is too efficient to offer round the clock services to any customer in distress.

Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5400 (2)

How to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5400?

Canon printers are well-known for their high print quality and excellent features. However, users often may face technical bugs to operating it. To Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5400 is one the important task, when users come across the situation. Error Code 5400 in Canon Printer indicates a problem in ink cartridge, its meaning is that the ink cartridge is overheated i.e. its temperature up more than normal, it generally appears in the printers when one or two ink cartridges are empty or nearing completion. Repair the Error Code 5400 in Canon printers is not much simpler, as seems, that’s why Canon technical support team has provided some troubleshooting steps to fix it. So, if you are receiving the same Error Code 5400 to your Canon Printer or computer screen while working, so you can follow the given mentioned troubleshooting steps to fix the issue. Furthermore, you can also call at Canon technical support number to connect with professionals in order to get the comprehensive guide to it.

Solutions to Fix Canon Printer Error Code 5400

Solution 1:- Perform Troubleshooting Steps

Most of the time, Error Code 5400 appears, if you use continuous ink system, it is because the ink is not reaching the cartridge. To solve this problem, you must, first of all, know which of the two cartridges the culprit is, the first recommendation is to remove the cartridge and let them stand for a moment out of the printer.

Follow these steps to do this task:-

  • Turn the printer off and unplug at least 20 this help the cartridges a little. If you do not know the ink cartridges are powered by the heat emitted by the printer connectors, forcing these to inject the ink pressure linearly.
  • The ink inside the cartridges, despite working for print serves as a heat dissipating, if your ink cartridge is completely empty, or nearly empty, this error does not disappear, on the contrary, will worsen and may burn the cartridge and not work ever.


  • It is recommended to fill the ink cartridge or change the cartridge with another, the sure that cartridge is the problem before changing, avoid buying a cartridge that is not necessary.

Solution 2:- Restoring Procedure

Restoring procedure for Canon printers is highly effective and Canon tech support experts tested it out on several other Canon printers with this same issue, and it has worked perfectly so far.

Procedure to restore the error code 5400 on Canon printers:

  • First of all, turn your Canon printer off.
  • Press the “Menu” button, if you happen to have one.
  • Then press the “Scan / Copy / Scan keys” in that order. You will now gain access to the “Administrator Menu”.
  • Once inside this menu, select the “NYRAM ACCESS” option.
  • Then choose “ABS-M Level 0”.
  • Next, choose the ABS-P Level 0 option.
  • Finally, press the “Stop” key to exit.

If the problem persists, then go to the next solution.

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Solution 3:- Unplug the Printer for Sometime

  • First, Cancel printing and power off from your Canon Printer.
  • Unplug the printer for an hour.
  • Then power On the Canon Printer.
  • All the above solution will surely help you to fix the issue.

In case, if you have any questions about the above steps, or still you are facing the same error, then you should contact at canon customer service number to connect with the canon customer service team bow for quick help.

Canon Customer Care Number Is Available 24×7 to Aid


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