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fix the Canon Error Code U075

How to fix Canon Error Code U075?

Users while working on Canon printers can sometimes come across an error message which will appear as “U075” by clearly defining that the device is well capable of reading the cartridge but it is detected in the wrong side. Though it is known that the colored one and black cartridges look quite similar to each other and the other two cartridge positions within the printer are identical, it is suggested that both the cartridges should be installed in an appropriate position for the printer to recognize them accurately. But we cannot perform the installation of two black cartridges at the same time even if we are only trying to print in black and white. So, here we will guide users how to fix Canon error code U075

How to Fix Canon error code U075, U076

Well, most of us will come across misleading branding either on the new cartridge or on the other one due to change in an ink cartridge. Resolving this issue is not as tough as it seems to be. One just needs to make sure that one of each black as well as colored cartridges is in the printer and is located in the right position. Follow all below instructions.

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Step 1: open the printer’s lid

  • The first step is to open the lid of the printer and wait for sometimes for the cradle to move on its own towards the cartridge replacement position.
  • Now, carefully remove both of the cartridges from the printer.

Step 2: Examine all label if the printer

  • Users are advised to examine the labels to make sure that one is in black color (PG-37/PG-40/PG-50/PG-510/PG-512/PG-540/PG-540XL) and the other one is colored (CL-38/CL-41/CL-51/CL-511/CL-513/CL-541/CL-541XL).

Step 3: Locate the printer

  • Locate carefully your printer slot for the black cartridge as well as the colored one by using indicators on the printer or the cartridge cradle.

At last, you need to re-install both of the cartridges into the correct slot.

You will now see that the message “U075” will automatically disappear by allowing you to continue to print. If however the message still persists to exist then, there is every possibility that one or more of the cartridges has been miss-labelled.

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How To Fix 1401 Error in Canon inkjet printer?

This error occurs while the Canon Pixma printer suffers trouble to recognize one or more of the cartridges installed in it. These errors will come up with the following message as “The FINE cartridge is not installed” for 1401, “The FINE cartridge is not installed properly” for 1687 and “Appropriate ink cartridge is not installed” for the 1485 message. Well, several form of Canon FINE cartridges does not always mean that users are working with genuine Canon cartridge installed in the device. Users can further use the printer with an accurate refilled as well as re-manufactured ink cartridges. Our team of experts have found a solution to Fix 1401 Error in Canon inkjet printer with all appropriate steps.

Steps to Fix 1401 Error in Canon inkjet printers

Step1: Ensure a proper installation of black and color cartridges

  • Turn on the printer and then, remove both the cartridges to make sure that the one of each cartridge is accurately installed.
  • The printer will need to have both the black and the colored cartridges to be accurately installed to properly print all documents.

Step2: Check for a correct printer cartridges codes:

  • Here, it is advised for users to install cartridge accurately but make sure that it is properly carrying codes machine for the color cartridge. The accuracy of codes depends entirely on the specific printer model.

Step3: Clean up the contacts:

  • The printer contacts are essential for a proper communication with the printer cartridge which is build up with a set of metallic contacts located on the strip to the front of the cartridge. So it is always essential for users to clean all its damaged parts.

Step4: Replace all defective ink cartridge:

  • If the printer is not recognizable then, surely it is defective and needs to be replaced. Replacing all defective ink cartridges will solve this issue.

Step5: Cleaning up all the contacts inside the printer

  • If still the error continue to persists then, it is recommended to clean up all the contacts inside the printer in the same way like you cleaned up the cartridge contacts.

This solution will definitely solve the problem

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How To Fix Check Ink 1487 Error Code in Canon Printer

The “Check Ink 1487” is an error message which usually appears while users are working with the Canon printers and it detects one or more of the cartridges installed inside the printer is in  incorrect position. But this issue is easy to recognize by users and this is the reason why the error is easily solved with basic troubleshooting. Despite how similar the slots inside the printer, the device will require one black and one color to be installed easily. We have jotted down few steps to Fix Check Ink 1487 Error Code in Canon Printer by explaining each step in details.

Steps to Fix Check Ink 1487 Error Code

To get rid of these Canon printer messages, it is advised for users to follow all below given instructions thoroughly:

Step 1: Remove the cartridges from the printer

  • With a good luck, users can easily see that the printer software is able to identifying a particular type of cartridge as the cause of this error. So now carefully remove both the cartridges for the purpose of troubleshooting.

Step 2: Check for cartridge codes

  • Perform a proper check whether the cartridge codes on the labels of the cartridges is installed carefully or not?
  • If there is problem finding as to which cartridges are properly compatible with the Canon printer then, it is advised for users to search for the accurate model number of the printer on the internet.
  • Now the print heads on the other side of the cartridges are of great use to identify which cartridge is black and which one is colored. The colored print-head will consists of three in separate lines located in the central metallic plate and the black one will have a longer line.

Step 3: Examine the two installed cartridges

  • The Canon printer will now carefully examine the two installed cartridges by taking into consideration that everything seems to be in accurate place.

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Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 4102

How to Fix Canon Printer Error 4102?

Using the Canon PIXMA 2520 is a great thing, to print a photo via it on 8.5×11 glossy paper gives users wonderful experienced. But, sometimes the users face the issue in the printer and received the error 4102 message. Well, the Canon Printer Error 4102 occurs when the media type and paper size are not set correctly.

When the error 4102 error, then users need to immediately fix it. As suggested by Canon Printer Tech Support this problem could be easily solved. So, the users don’t needs to worry about it. Here, the blog will guide very easy steps on you can Fix Canon Printer Error 4102. By just following the steps, that given mentioned.

Methods to Troubleshoot Canon Printer Error 4102

Method 1:-Change the Media Type or Paper Size Setting

First, you should try to press the printer’s [ON/RESUME] button to cancel printing, change the media type or paper size setting, and then print again.

Ensure that to see the different media types and paper sizes below: –

  • When the media type is set to Photo Paper Plus Glossy II:

Set the paper size to 4”x6” 10cm x 15cm (Windows)/4×6 (Mac), or 5”x 7” 13cm x 18cm (Windows)/ 5×7 (Mac).

  • When the media type is set to Glossy Photo paper:

Set the paper size to 4”x6” 10cm x 15cm (windows)/4×6 (Mac)

  • When the media type is set to Envelope:

Set the paper size to Envelope Com 10 (Windows)/Envelope #10 (Mac) or Envelope DL (Windows/Mac).

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Method 2:- Advanced Solution-Manual Update Window

  • Go to your computer and log in as an administrator panel.
  • Then go to the “Start” button, and then choose “All Programs”, then “Accessories”, then “System Tools”, and then tap on “System Restore”.
  • When the new window opens then choose “Restore my computer to an earlier time” option and then tap on “Next” option.
  • Then pick-up the most recent system restores point from the “On this list, click a restore point” list and then tap on “Next” option.
  • Click “Next” option again on the confirmation window.
  • Then restart the computer when the restoration is finished.

If the above solution has not resolved your Canon Printer Error 4102, then you should contact with Canon customer support team to get fast response & other troubleshooting solutions.

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