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Steps to Reset the Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer

How to Reset the Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer

Canon PIXMA iX4000, iX5000 Printer falls in the category of exceptionally advanced printer which has an affordable A3+ printing feature for printing fast, high-quality documents at much faster rates.  As studied by a group of Canon printer Support professionals, its photo and graphic output offers a huge advantage to users of getting an affordable A3+ printing facility for high-speed, high quality output of all types of user’s pictures, documents as well as graphics. It has long-lasting photo printing facility. The Single Ink system will simply ensure an added economy. As unexpected issues are bound to happen in any printer, so our team of professionals are here to guide you on steps to reset the Canon Pixma Ix4000, Ix5000 printers

Steps to reset Canon PIXMA printer iX4000 or iX5000

Step1:  Turn off the printer

  • Firstly, simply turn off the printer as suggested by a team of Canon printer Pixma Technical Support professionals

Step2: Connecting phase

  • Connecting the power cable directly to the Canon PIXMA iX5000 / iX4000 is another essential step to be considered by users

Step3: Resume button

  • Tap and then hold the “Resume / Cancel” button for a while.

Step4: Power button

  • While holding the “Resume / Cancel” button, simply press the “Power” button. Make sure that you do not even release the button by mistake. Power off the LEDs in green light to just indicate that one of the selected button is functioning well.

Step5: Cancel buttons

  • While you are holding the power button, simply press the “Resume / Cancel” button for at-least 2 times and then release both of the Power and Resume / Cancel buttons carefully.

Step6:  Working with the “waste ink counter”

  • When the Power LED lights in the green symbol appears, then simply press the “Resume / Cancel” button for at-least four times to easily reset the waste ink counter of the Canon Pixma printer iX5000 / iX4000.
  • Press the “power” button carefully.
  • At last, you are completely done with the process

Give us a call at our Toll-Free +1-855-790-7845 Canon printer Pixma customer Support department if you are unable to fix this issue and we are right there at your doorstep! Hope this blog will help you out in solving the issues from you end.

How To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

How To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

Canon printer is one of the most renowned printing devices available in the market to be used by thousands of users worldwide. But technical issues may definitely arise and one such issues is Canon printer 1007 error. Well, the error is caused due to zero availability of the paper in the cassette 1 as defined by a team of Canon Printer Support experts. The second reason is due to improper paper loading issues in the cassette 1. But, it is fortunate for all of us that our Canon experts have found a proper kind of solution on how to resolve the Canon printer error 1007.

Steps to resolve the Canon printer 1007 error

Step1: Detect Paper Setting Mismatch

  • Users are advised by Canon Printer Technical Support to disable the “Detect Paper Setting Mismatch” setting option on the printer to prevent getting this error message from displaying repeatedly.

Step2: Working with the “Home” screen

  • Flick the HOME screen first and then tap on the “SETUP” option

 Step3:  Device settings

  • To remove the Canon printer error 1007, users need to tap on the “DEVICE SETTINGS” option.

 Step4: CASSETTE settings

  • Next, simply click on the “CASSETTE” settings options to remove the error

Step5: Detection mode

  • Tap on the “DETECT PAPER SETTING MISMATCH” option to easily remove the error.
  • Next, just tap on the “NO” option.

 Step6: “HOME” option

  • Press and hold the “HOME” key for a while to complete the error removal process.

steps To Resolve The Canon Printer Error 1007?

I hope this blog will help you in removing the above mentioned Canon printer 1007 error faster. Well, if this is not worth in solving your Canon error issue then we encourage users to get in touch with our Canon Printer Customer Support department right now and fix the problem as soon as possible.  We are available 24*7 hours 365 days in a year to assist you in every difficult situation as and when needed.

Steps to reset Canon printer IX6560

Steps To Reset Canon IX6560 Printer | +1-855-790-7845 Toll-Free

Canon printer ix6560 once in its lifetime will experience an error known as 5b00 which clearly indicates that the printer needs to be reset immediately. It further indicates that the printer must be switched off before beginning with the process of Key pressing sequence. The resetting process of Canon printer IX6560 can easily be preceded by using the Service Tool. Well, there are various steps described Canon printer Support professionals to reset in shortest time possible. This blog will further make you aware of the steps to reset the Canon IX6560 printer.

Steps To Reset Canon IX6560 Printer

Steps to reset Canon printer IX6560 which causes an error code 5b00

Step1: Turn off printer

  • Users are advised by an expert team of Canon printer ix6560 technical support professionals to turn the printer off initially.

Step2: Stop/Reset button

  • Press and then hold the “stop/reset” button which is followed by simply pressing the “POWER” button. This is essential so that the two buttons are in a depressed position.

Step3:Power button

  • Release the “stop/reset” button but be careful that you have not done anything with the “power off” button.
  • If in case, you see that the “power” button is still in depressed state then you are required to press the “STOP/RESET” button for approximately about 6 times.

      Step4: “Release” function

  • Next, users are required to release both the buttons simultaneously so that the error code 5b00 of Canon printer ix6560 5b00 is in a condition of Service Mode.
  • The user’s PC will then detect the new hardware.

     Step5: Extraction stage

  • The next step will be of “Extraction” stage and then you are required to run the Resetter  button of ix6560.

              Step6: Clear the ink absorber counter

  • In the “Clear ink absorber counter” menu, simply select the “Play” button and then click on the “SET on the right” section.
  • Ink absorber counter in the menu section will ask you to select the “Play” button and then tap on the “SET on the right” button.

Step7: EEOPROM option

  • Users are suggested to change the menu option in the ink absorber Counter section and then click on the set up ix6560 error 5b00 reset to perform the function successfully.
  • Tap on the “EEOPROM” option to allow the printer print 1 page.
  • ix6560 error 5b00 error will then return to normal state.
  • At last, you are completely done

canon printer technical support

Well, as of now, issues related to Canon printer ix6560 error code 5b00 have completely been resolved. But still, if you find any difficulty regarding Canon printer ix6560, then we encourage users to get in touch with our
Canon printer customer Support  +1-855-790-7845 expert team at out department.


Top Canon Pixma E500 Error Codes That You Need To Know

The Canon E500 printer is one of the most advanced printer which is build upon the latest printing technology. The printer comes in medium-size device and is reasonably light weight of around 5.3 kg. The black plastic body has no sharp edges, and the design is fairly pleasant to appear. The trays of the Canon printer Pixma E500 are quite flexible to use according to Canon Pixma E500 Printer Support professionals.  Its glossy finished touched feature makes the printer most eye-striking among users. But here in this blog, we will be introducing you guys with various Canon Pixma E500 error codes that you need to know.

List of top Canon Pixma error E500 codes

Error code 1: Canon E500 Error Code E02 (E,0,2)

  • This error symbolizes that printer is out of paper or is incapable of feeding any document.

Error code 2: Canon E500 Error Code E03 (E,0,3)

  • This error signifies the Paper Jam.

Error code 3: Canon E500 Error Code E04 (E,0,4)

  • The error signifies that the “fine cartridge” is not installed accurately.

Error code 4: Canon E500 Error Code E06 (E,0,6)

  • As stated by Canon Pixma E500 Printer Technical Support experts, the paper output cover is not in a closed state.

Error code 5: Canon E500 Error Code E07 (E,0,7)

  • The ink absorber is complete and users need to reset the counter.

Error code 6: Canon E500 Error Code E08 (E,0,8)

  • Here the error signifies that the ink absorber is almost in a full stage. Users are then required to press the “black or color” button to resume it in a proper.

Error code 7: Canon E500 Error Code E16 (E,1,6)

  • The ink in completely finished as of now. You are required to tap on the “Stop/Reset” button to resume the printing process.

Error code 8: Canon E500 Error Code E17 (E,1,7)

  • The front tray is totally closed.

Error code 9: Canon E500 Error Code E30 (E,3,0)

  • The error code defines that the size of the original cannot be accurately detected or even it is possible that the document is too small when the “Fit-to-Page copying” is selected.

Error code 10: Canon E500 Error Code E31 (E,3,1)

  • The machine is surely disconnected with the computer.

Error code11: Canon E500 Error Code E40 (E,4,0)

  • It shows that the protective material of the Canon Pixma E500 printer for the FINE cartridge or the tape is still attached.

Error code 12: Canon E500 Error Code E50 (E,5,0)

  • Scanning of the print-head alignment sheet has failed to function

Error code 13: Canon E500 Error Code P02 (P,0,2).

  • This is a critical error which shows that the printer is in malfunctioning stage.

Error code 14: Canon E500 Error Code P10 (P,1,0).

  • This error signifies that the mechanical printer is in total malfunction stage.

So, these are few topmost errors of Canon Pixma E500 printer that users need to be aware of. Our professional team of Canon Pixma E500 Printer Support experts is always available for you to help overcome with any kind of unexpected issues.  Call us or even you may drop us an email to our professional email ID.


Steps to Clean the Canon ink Absorber by Canon Printer Support

Clogged ink cartridges as per as research conducted by Canon printer Support experts can easily cause skipping and inconsistency of ink output while you are printing. So, a fully clogged cartridge print head in this case won’t at all print in a good manner. This will happen most often while an ink cartridge is taken out for a while and is exposed to air or even if the printer hasn’t been yet used. Manually cleaning of a clogged ink cartridge with a few drug store items and restoring that clean method, crisp the printing when you first installing the cartridge.

Steps to troubleshoot the cleaning process of the Canon Ink Absorber

   Step1: Remove the clogged ink cartridge

Removal of the clogged ink cartridge from the printer is a necessary step. Usage of a proper method for your printer model, but usually speaking, the lid and lift the cartridge should be taken out.

     Step2: Locating the print head

Locating the print head where the ink comes out of the cartridge should be done first and then wipe off any related dried or crusty ink issues by applying a soft cloth.

      Step3: Working with the metal nozzle plate

  • Get a soft piece of cloth, wet it and wipe out the print head area carefully. Using distilled water is also preferable here. Further if your cartridge has a gold, silver or copper nozzle plate, then try not to make it wet.
  • Use of a wet cotton swab just to clean out the print head is necessary. This will further keep the metal nozzle plate in a dry mode. This step has been mentioned as an essential one by a team of Canon printer technical Support professionals.

       Step 4:  Working with the cartridge

  • Put the cartridge back in the proper printer place and print a test carefully. If there is still any banding or blank areas visible, then simply run the print head cleaner utility software carefully
  • Fill up a small amount of bowl with the warm water. You only need to have enough water so that you can cover the print head easily. For completely clogged cartridges, you are advised to use a 50-50 solution of water as well as ammonia.

       Step5: Placing of the ink cartridge

  • Place the ink cartridge in the warm water or in a water-ammonia solution to submerged the print head.
  • If you are using a cartridge with a metal plate on the bottom, then try using the water-ammonia solution placed on a cotton swab to clean the print head.

      Step6: Soak the ink cartridge

  • At last, you are advised to soak the ink cartridge until you get the water in a cool mode. Next simply dry it with the help of soft cloth and then reinsert it into the printer carefully.
  • Next, you are advised to run the print head with the help of “cleaning utility” tool which came with your printer, try printing process to make sure that ink is flowing normally again.

 Get in touch with our Canon printer customer Support experts to get all your queries resolved on prompt basis.  We are just a call +1-855-790-7845 away by bringing you the latest kind of market solution at your doorstep.

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How to Setup Canon PIXMA MG2950 Wireless Connection?

Well, users may come across with some access points that are sometimes referred to as routers or hubs with an automatic connection button labeled by “WPS” process which stands for “Wi-Fi Protected Setup”. As per as study is concerned by Canon Pixma Printer Technical Support professionals, this allows any permitted device such as PIXMA MG2950 to easily connect to the network without even any need to enter a password.  It further allows for a quick and easy method of connecting the devices.

Steps to setup Canon Pixma MG2950 wireless connection

Step1: All about conditions

  • The access point should definitely have a physical WPS push button. Do conduct a thorough check of the device’s user guide for details. If the WPS push button is not available at all, we encourage users to follow all the instructions on the Standard Connection Method tab.
  • The network must be using the WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) or WPA2 security protocol for easy usage purpose. Most of the WPS has enabled access points to use this protocol
  • Make sure that the printer is turned on completely.
  • Press and then hold the [Wi-Fi]button on the top of the printer till you see the orange alarm lamp flashes and then release it.
  • You need to see that the Wi-Fi button starts to flash in a blue light and then tap on the access point. Press the [WPS] button in just 2 minutes.
  • The blue Wi-Fi lamp on the printer will continue flash while searching for, or connecting to the access point. During the setup, the green power lamp will also start to flash. When the printer has successfully made a connection to your wireless network, the blue and green lamps will stop flashing and remain lit.

Step2: Confirmation phase

  • This phase is essential for users to make sure that the printer is successfully connected to the wireless network to print out the network settings of the  printer if they  wish to:
  • Your printer should be turned on first.
  • Load an A4 size sheet of Letter-sized plain paper.
  • Press and tap on the “Cancel” button till you see the orange alarm lamp flashes for 15 times and then release it.
  • Next, the network information page will be printed com.
  • While referring to printout process, check for the “Connection” which indicates “Active” mode and the SSID -Service Set Identifier will indicate the correct name of the wireless network.

Step3: WPS setup method

Proceed with the proper installation of the software to make the most out of the Canon PIXMA MG2950 printer.

Come and explore our Canon Printer Customer Support services at our support section for immediate help related to Canon printer. We are all time available support department for our users. Call us anytime anywhere and we are just there at your doorstep.